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DR Series DR2000v - Deployment Guide

About the DR2000v Deployment Guide

About the DR2000v Deployment Guide

The DR2000v Deployment Guide provides instructions for deploying the DR2000v, a virtual DR Series system. This guide contains topics that explain how to deploy the DR2000v system in your environment.

Other information you may need

The following table lists the documentation available for the DR Series systems. The documents listed in this table are available on the Quest support website by selecting your specific DR Series system model at:

For more information about the DR Series system hardware, see the safety and regulatory information that shipped with your DR Series system. Warranty information might be included as a separate document.



DR Series System Getting Started Guide

Provides an overview of how to set up the physical DR Series system hardware and includes technical specifications.

DR Series System Owner's Manual

Provides information about applicable physical DR Series system features, troubleshooting the DR Series system, and installing or replacing the DR Series system components.

DR2000v Deployment Guide

Provides information about deploying the virtual DR Series system, DR2000v, on supported virtual platforms.

DR Series System Administrator Guide

Provides information about managing backup and replication operations using the DR Series system GUI.

DR Series System Interoperability Guide

Provides information on supported hardware and software for the DR Series systems.

DR Series System Command Line Reference Guide

Provides information about managing DR Series system data backup and replication operations using the DR Series system command line interface (CLI).

DR Series System Release Notes

Provides the latest information about new features and known issues with a specific product release.

NOTE: You should check for the latest documentation updates and release notes at, and read the release notes first because they contain the most recently documented information about known issues with a specific product release.

Getting started

Getting started

This chapter provides an introduction to the DR2000v system and describes specifications, usage notes, and other important information that you need before you begin to deploy your system. It includes the following topics:

Introducing the DR2000v— provides an introductory description of the DR2000v.
Specifications and Usage Notes for the DR2000v — provides important information about licensing and usage for the DR2000v.
NIC Drivers and Settings — provides important information about NIC driver updates for your hypervisor host and NIC settings for the DR2000v.
Setting up Licensing for the DR2000v— provides information about how to set up your license on the DR2000v.

Introducing the DR2000v system

The DR2000v is a virtual DR Series system that provides backup and disaster recovery (DR) features such as deduplication, compression, replication, and advanced data protection. This virtual appliance runs inside a virtual machine (VM) on a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V server. The DR2000v uses storage disks resident in the hypervisor server on which it is loaded. The DR2000v virtual machine (VM) template is available in various licensed capacities that can be deployed on your existing VM infrastructure. Backup/restore performance using the DR2000v is dependent on the performance of your underlying hardware.

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