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DR Series Software 4.0.3 - Interoperability Guide

Supported NAS Filers for NDMP

The following table lists the NAS filers supported with NDMP VTL in the latest version of the DR Series system. The DR Series system VTL is supported in a three-way NDMP configuration only.

Table 25: Supported NAS filers - NDMP
NAS Filer Version
Dell FluidFS V3 V4
NetApp ONTAP 8.x 7–Mode ONTAP 8.x C-Mode

ONTAP 9.x C-Mode

EMC VNX OE 7.x and 8.0.x Isilon OneFS 7.0.x
SUN NAS 2011  

Supported NAS filers for FC

The following table lists the NAS filers supported with Fibre Channel (FC) VTL in the latest version of the DR Series system.

Table 26: Supported NAS filers - fibre channel
NAS Filer Version
  ONTAP 8.x 7–Mode ONTAP 8.x C-Mode*

ONTAP 9.x C-Mode**



* For NetApp C mode filers SVM-Scoped NDMP backup is not supported. You have to use Node-Scoped NDMP backup.

** Supported with the NetVault Backup 11.4 data management application (DMA) exclusively. Other DMAs are planned for future releases.

Network file protocols and backup client operating systems

The following information lists the supported system network protocols and the corresponding supported client operating systems.

Table 27: Supported network protocols
Protocol Versions Backup Client OS

SMB2_01 (for DR Series system release 4.0)

Windows 2003 and later (32- and 64-bit).

NOTE: MS-DOS-compatible 8.3 file names (short file names), CIFS protocol feature is not supported by the DR Series system.

NFS V3 over TCP Unix (Linux RHEL 5.x, RHEL 6.x, RHEL 7.x, SUSE 10, SUSE 11, AIX 7.1, Solaris 10 x86; 32-bit and 64-bit systems)

Supported Web browsers

This section lists the minimum supported web browsers for use with the DR Series system.

Table 28: Supported web browsers
Software Versions
Mozilla Firefox 43 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
Google Chrome 48 or later
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