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DL Series Backup and Recovery Appliances DL4300 - RUU 3.2.78 Release Notes

Quest ® DL Appliance Recovery and Update Utility 3.2.78

Quest ® DL Appliance Recovery and Update Utility 3.2.78

About this RUU release

The Recovery and Update Utility (RUU) is an all-in-one installer to recover and update DL Appliances (DL1000, DL1300, DL4000 and DL4300) software. It includes the Rapid Recovery Core software and appliance-specific components.

The RUU consists of updated versions of the Windows Server Roles and Features, ASP .NET MVC3, LSI Provider, DL Applications, OpenManage Server Administrator and Rapid Recovery Core Software. In addition, the RUU also updates the Rapid Appliance Self Recovery (RASR) content.

This version of the RUU update provides the enhancements listed below:

Resolved issues

In a specific customer environment, the Provisioning appliance page was unavailable, with an error: "CIM Chassis error" due to a storage pool that referenced an enclosure that did not exist.


User could launch several remount jobs simultaneously on DL Appliance.


FTBU failed when trying to start a Core service that was already in a "Starting" state.


There was an incorrect default value of Repository name field on the Add New Repository Wizard.


If the server was rebooted during FTBU, then the Compatibility Mode of the browser prevented the first launch of the Core after FTBU from performing successfully.


RASR failed to start with fatal exception on DL1300 and DL4300 with new ID modules.


If a repository name contained three dots in a row, the provisioning job failed with an error and the repository was not created.


Parameters in 'Expand Existing Repository' pop-up did not reflect true available space for repository expansion on internal controller on DL1300 after upgrade via RUU#3.1.


Storage Provisioning and Restore the Provisioning Configuration jobs could be launched simultaneously in spite of incompatibility for launching of these jobs.


RASR USB could not be created on the server after upgrade using RUU if server was restored from Windows backup.


Core interface became unavailable if forced to collect Core and Appliance logs.


The LSI Provider installation failed if the User Policy was set to Restricted.


RUU hung after several double-clicks on the RUU window.


Monitor Active Task hung at 95% during creation of RASR USB job.


Job "Restore the provisioning configuration" failed on a specific environment.


Sometimes error "invalid state; already open" appeared on the Virtual Standby page for DL4x00 Appliances.


Known Issues

The following is a list of known issues present in the DL Appliance at the time of this RUU release. For a complete list of known issues in Rapid Recovery 6.1.3, refer to the Rapid Recovery 6.1.3 Release Notes.

After a factory reset, the Core may fail to restore the configuration for some services during the Remount Volumes job, but the Core shows the job as being successfully completed.

Workaround: Perform another Remount Volumes job.


The MongoDB service cannot establish a connection to the Core, because there are not enough available ports.

Workaround: None.


Sometimes "Internal Server Error" appears on Backup page.

Workaround: Ignore and close the error message.


After an upgrade to release 6.1.2, repository maintenance failed after a restore

of the provisioning configuration.

Workaround: Contact Support.


Remount job does not restore Core's localization.

Workaround: Manually change Core localization from Core Settings.


Jobs are failing with error: "System.OutOfMemoryException" on DL Appliances after running for some time.

Workaround: Install the latest Windows updates and reboot the appliance. If this problem persists, contact Support.


Statuses of volumes are displayed as 'Not valid' if a letter is assigned to 'Recovery' partition.

Workaround: Wait until the RASR USB creation job completes or, if the driver letter was manually assigned to the Recovery partition, remove the drive letter.


Windows Backup failed when necessary volume letters were changed.

Workaround: Remove current policy with mixed/changed letters for partitions and create a new policy with heterogeneous volume labels.


Main Appliance status receives a red state without the ability to resolve if Windows Backup was forced on the server with old Winbackups with volume size of 75GB and without free space on Internal controller.

Workaround: Clear the Windows Backup logs as follows: 1) Open event viewer. 2) Go to Applications and Services Logs. 3) Navigate under Microsoft -> Windows -> Backup. 4) Right click on the Operational channel and select Save and Clear (or, if you don't want to save, select Clear).


Restore the provisioning configuration job fails with an uninformative error: "Cannot mount volume to the folder 'I:\' because it contains files or folders" if the virtual disk has a letter assigned that was already used before remount.

Workaround: Remove assigned letters from attached virtual media via disk manager. Perform Volumes Remount job again from Appliance Provisioning page.


Incorrect behavior of provisioning size determining logic Workaround: When performing provisioning, specify the intended size a few GB smaller than the available space


VMM actions are available when ESXi host is in maintenance mode.

Workaround: Do not perform any VM operations from the Virtual Standby page if an ESXi host is in Maintenance mode.


The GUI should be disabled immediately after confirmation of the remount process.

Workaround: Wait for a few minutes and refresh Core Console page.


On the Backups page, incorrect translation of 'State' appears in the 'Items Baced Up' section for some non-English language.

Workaround: None.


VD disk provisioning fails with return code 4 if storage pool does not have consistent empty space.


"Start VM / Network Adapters" buttons remain enabled when an ESXi or Hyper- V export of a machine is launched on DL Appliances.

Workaround: Do not click these buttons until the corresponding VM export is complete.


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