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Diagnostic Manager 5.0.1 - Release Notes

Remote Connections for WMI and SQL

If WMIs and SQL Server instances used by the Collection Service reside on different servers, it is expected that the necessary ports are open and accepting remote connections.  

Refer to the following msdn articles for details:

·For WMI:

·For SQL Server:

Account Requirements

System Requirements

You can install  Metalogix Diagnostic Manager on any computer that meets or exceeds the hardware, software, and permission requirements. When you install multiple components on a single host computer, the computer should meet or exceed all of the requirements for the components.

Consider the following requirements when you install  Metalogix Diagnostic Manager in a typical environment.

·Hardware Requirements

·Software Requirements

·Permission Requirements


Installation Account

The permissions required to install each component of Metalogix Diagnostic Manager are described below.

To install the following component ...

The account you use to log in when you install must ...

Management Console

be a local administrator

Collection Service

·be a local administrator


·have permissions to create databases on the Microsoft SQL Server that will host the Collection Service Repository database.

Component Analysis Solution

·be a local administrator


·be a member of the Farm Administrator's group for the SharePoint farm(s) to be monitored.

Collection Service Account

During installation, you will be prompted to supply the service account credentials that are required to create the Repository database and run the Collection Service.  This account must have .

·Local Administrator permissions on the computer that hosts the Collection Service.

·membership in the sysadmin role for the SQL Server where the Collection Service Repository database resides.


NOTE: If it is not possible for the account to be a sysadmin, it must at a minimum have dbcreator privileges.

If the Collection Service Account is also going to be used for on premises data collection (which is the default behavior, unless one or more alternate data collection accounts are specified) it must also meet the requirements for Account(s) Used for Data Collection.

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