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Diagnostic Manager 5.0.1 - Release Notes

Version History

Version History

Resolved issues from previous versions are listed below.

Version 5.0

New Features

User Interface Redesign

User Interface has been redesigned in order to modernize the user experience. Users can still switch back to the old console if they choose to.

Fixed Issues


Work Item

Resolved issue where the Monitored Pages collection was failing from the web front end with bound IPs.


Resolved issue where ULS log data was not appearing.


Version 4.15

New Features

No New Features

Fixed Issues


Work Item

Resolved issue where after upgrading to user was unable to see SQL Server stats.


Resolved issue where after upgrading to users were not able to see ULS in the console.


Resolved issue where server metrics are not appearing for a short period of time, even though the collection service is running.


Version 4.14

The following is a list of items addressed in this release.


·Added the ability to compare two farms.

·Added functionality that automatically adds a monitor page for the root web application if the solution is detected.

·Added a topology view widget to the dashboard.

·Added a server wizard which provides users with the option to default alerting or to customize alerting threshold options.

·Added separate reporting node for each Farm, Server Group, Office 365.

·Added the ability to include priority in email alert responses.

·Added third party contributions to documentation.

Fixed Issues


Work Item

Resolved issue where the fastest growing site collections and sites were not being updated when the growth was at 0.


Resolved issue where some files were not being removed during uninstall of the product.


Resolved issue where SQL servers where not discovered until a refresh was performed several times.


Resolved issue where the SharePoint version was not being detected for SharePoint 2018 farms.


Resolved issue where certain metrics were being listed int he alerts view that could not be configured from the default alert thresholds.


Resolved issue where pages were being included in the top web application reports.


Resolved issue where the URL provided to monitor a page was failing for WFE1 when it is configured to monitor through WFE2.  


Resolved issue where installer is searching for Diagnostic manager .msi files when the installer is a .exe file


Resolved the mispelling for unlicensed servers in farm/server group dashboard


Resolved issue where there was a difference between the upgraded vs the fresh Diagnostic Manager Repository in the SPMetricInfo table.


Resolved issue of arithmetic overflow being displayed when the growth is large.


Resolved the issue where it was not possible to remove a farm when the transaction log was almost full.


Resolved issue where the average collection interval from a site collections is different from web applications.


Resolved issue where a red message was being displayed for Top Sites report instead of displaying the fastest growing sites when there was growth.


Resolved issue where 2 reports were missing in the reports node located under the server group.


Resolved issue where the removal of a farm was causing instability with the Working Queue.


Resolved issue where "This feature will be installed when required" was not available for installation of Management Console.


Resolved issue where the dashboard was displaying number of servers incorrectly int he server group when the servers of the server group were unlicensed.


Resolved issue where total site size chart vertical legends were incorrect in the Web sites of a site collection node from the content summary.


Resolved issue where an object reference error was being displayed when a farm was removed and it was not removed from the Diagnostic Manager jobs on the home Dashboard.


Resolved issue where a quest window was being displayed, preventing users from finishing the wizard which adds an Office 365 farm.


Resolved issue where Active Alerts were displaying an alert details when there were no alerts on the Monitor Pages.


Resolved issue where active alerts from home/farm/server group dashboard were being redirected to reports node, not to active alerts.


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