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ControlPoint 8.9 - Release Notes

Metalogix® ControlPoint 8.9

Release Notes

February 2024

These release notes provide information about the latest Quest® ControlPoint release.

·New Features

·Resolved Issues

·Known Issues

·System Requirements

·Product Licensing

·Third Party Contributions

·About Us

New Features

·Metalogix ControlPoint has been rebranded as Quest® ControlPoint

·This release will be the last to support SharePoint 2013 and any versions of Windows and SQL Server not supported by SharePoint 2016 or later.

Resolved Issues



Work Item

Case No.

The issue "Discovery is not running and produces the error When converting a varchar data type to a datetime data type, the value is out of range" has been resolved.



Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those issues attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

Installation and Configuration


Issue ID

·If ControlPoint is uninstalled using an account that does not have SQL sysadmin privileges, any existing ControlPoint Policies cannot be removed.

Workaround if you want to delete existing ControlPoint Policies:

§Before uninstalling ControlPoint, delete the policies using Manage ControlPoint Policies.


§Uninstall ControlPoint using an account that has sysadmin privileges.


When a manual (scripted) installation is performed, the Launch ControlPoint shortcut is not created on the server's desktop or Start menu.

Workaround: Launch ControlPoint by entering the url in a browser.


Login and Security Trimming


Issue ID

·When Firefox or Chrome is used as the browser, the Sign out option refreshes the page but does not sign the user out.

Workaround:  This is not an issue with Internet Explorer.


·If a ControlPoint user has permissions to SharePoint sites only through a web application Full Control permission policy, and this permission was granted after the initial run of ControlPoint Discovery, site collections and sites within that web application will not display in Search Hierarchy results if cached data is used.

Workaround:  Before running Discovery, give the user any level of permissions to any site within each site collection in the web application.  Only then will Discovery be able to “discover” that the user has Site Collection Admin rights via the web application policy.  After the next Discovery run has finished, you can remove the site-level permissions.


Business Administrators Functionality


Issue ID

·After Discovery runs, the SharePoint Hierarchy does not load for users with special (unicode) characters in their account names, and they are not included in Permissions analyses run on cached data.


·Members of the Business Administrators group can run live permissions reports even when the ControlPoint Setting "BAPreventRealTime" is set to True.


User Interface


Issue ID

·The “Clone Work Area in the new browser window” does not work for dashboard links due to the “Selection” tab being empty.


·For a SharePoint 2013 farm:  The first time ControlPoint is invoked after an upgrade, the dashboard may not display in the main page.

Workaround:  Refresh your browser.


·When using Internet Explorer build 11.0.9600.18617, report results do not fill the entire results section.

Workaround:  Use a different build of Internet Explorer or a different browser




Issue ID

Selection scope is lost when you click on the user drill down link on a Site Permissions report on a remote farm.


ControlPoint Policies


Issue ID

·When using IE with Compatibility View turned off, when the policy rule ‘Control Document/Item deletion’ is selected, the ‘Allow Attachments to be Deleted’ checkbox is disabled. (Work Item )

Workaround:  Turn Compatibility View on or use a different browser.


·The "ControlPoint File Upload Size" policy does not work properly for SharePoint 2016 and 2019.


Operations Involving Workflows


Issue ID

·Reusable workflows are not being migrated during the Duplicate Workflow Definition operation.


Site Provisioning


Issue ID

·Site Provisioning errors when using an https url.  


Compliance Functionality (Sensitive Content Manager)


Issue ID

·If the Terms Detected column is populated in SharePoint for a list item with attachments and the item is rescanned, the Detailed Classification may show a higher severity level for the item than it did in the original scan, even if the content of the item itself did not change.  

This would occur because Sensitive Content Manager evaluates the search terms in the Terms Detected column—which may have been detected for one of the attachments—as part of the analysis.


·For ControlPoint for Microsoft 365 (ControlPoint Online), when the Sensitive Content Manager Service encounters a user name with an apostrophe or other special (unicode) character, scans are not sent to the SCM server for anaysis.  This occurrence is copied to the logs in the Program Files\Metalogix\ControlPoint Online\ControlPointFeatures\Services\ContentAnalysis\Logs folder.


·Workflow actions applied are not shown in the Compliance Actions Audit report.


·When a Sensitive Content Manager scan was run via a ControlPoint Policy and a workflow action was applied, the Compliance Summary report shows 0 files affected and the Compliance Action jobs is empty.


ControlPoint Sentinel for Anomalous Activity


Issue ID

·The ControlPoint Anomalous Activity Detection timer job is not created in Central Administration upon an upgrade.


§To add the timer job, re-run the ControlPoint Installer as a Repair.


§Have Anomalous Activity detection performed as part of the ControlPoint Scheduled Job Review.  Refer to the topic “Preparing Your Environment for Using ControlPoint Sentinel” in the ControlPoint Administration Guide for details.




Issue ID

·When a report is run on real-time data, only the first page of results that are visible in the UI is exported.  

Workaround:  If you schedule the report, full results will be included in the output file.


·If the ControlPoint Setting “Display URL Instead of Site Name in SharePoint Hierarchy (SHOWURLASTITLE)” is enabled, the site collection/site name is also replaced by the URL in reports using real-time (non-cached) data.


·SP2013: The site link in the site properties report does not correspond to the correct site.


·If a ControlPoint Task Audit is run, the expand/collapse option for the report will not work correctly. The report will be displayed in expanded format, no matter if that option was checked or not.



·Change Log analyses return a maximum of 2000 results.  

Workaround:   Run the analysis on smaller scopes


·When a Most/Least Activity report is scheduled with one or more (but not all) Include Report: options selected, and the Output Type is SharePoint List, a separate list is created for each “Include Report” option.  Empty lists are created for options that were not selected.  


·After drilling down in the results of a Site Permissions report that was run on more than one farm in a multi-farm environment, the selection scope is lost.


ControlPoint for Microsoft 365 (ControlPoint Online)


Issue ID

·If a Permissions analysis is run with the Show External Users Only option selected, both internal and external users are included in analysis results.

NOTE:  This issue generally occurs only when the logged in user is not a Microsoft 365 Global Administrator.


·When you open an item in the ControlPoint Configuration Setting list for editing, a blank Title field displays and will not allow you to save your changes until it is populated.

Workaround:  Copy the Parameter Name to Title field before saving or use the ControlPoint Settings page in the application interface.


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