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Content Matrix 9.8 - Advanced Installation Guide

Confirming the Metalogix Extensions Web Service Installation

While there are no settings that need to be configured for the Metalogix Extensions Web Service, there is a way to confirm that it is installed correctly and is working.  

To confirm that the Metalogix Extensions Web Services is installed and working:

After installing the Extensions Web Service, you should check to make sure that it was installed correctly. To do this you can attempt to connect to the web service page in a browser window by entering: [YourSiteURL]/_vti_bin/ml/[Extensions Web Service version number]/mlspextensions.asmx. For example, if the Extensions Web Service (version is installed on a server named SharePointServ, then you would enter:


If this command does not successfully connect to the Metalogix Extensions Web Service web page, then it may mean that the Web Service was not installed on all Web Front Ends for this farm.

Another method that can be used to check if the Extensions Web Service was installed is to go to the Solution Management page in Central Administration and see if the metalogix.sharepoint.adapters.extensions.X.X.X.X.wsp file is listed (where "X" is replaced by the version number). Users can find the Solution Management page at:

·SharePoint 2007 - Central Administration > Operations > Solution Management.

·SharePoint 2010 or later - Central Administration > System Settings > Farm Management > Manage farm solutions.

You can also remove the Metalogix Extensions Web Service is by retracting the metalogix.sharepoint.adapters.extensions

Selecting the SQL Database You Want to Connect to

The first time you launch the Content Matrix Console you will be prompted to select the SQL database that you want to connect to. Options are:

·Connect to Job Database (SQL Server)*

* NOTE:  The option Connect to Distributed Database (SQL Server) is disabled for Public Folder Edition as it is only valid for SharePoint Edition. In order to use this option in SharePoint Edition, Distributed Migration must be configured.  Refer to the SharePoint Edition documentation for details.

·Connect to New Job List (SQL Server Compact 4.0* Required)

·Connect to Existing Job List (SQL Server Compact 4.0* Required)

NOTE:  The use of SQL CE in a production environment is discouraged because of the following limitations:

§It uses a single .lst file that is less robust and reliable and may be corrupted after the database reaches 4 GB.

§Data compression is not supported.

§Support for large objects is limited.

§Microsoft support for SQL CE has ended.

If you still want to use SQL CE, SQL Server Compact 4.0 must already be installed on your machine.  You can download it from Microsoft, install it, then restart the Console.  

To create or connect to a full SQL database:

Refer to the edition-specific documentation for details.  

Upgrading from a Version Earlier Than 9.4

Because of changes made in version 9.4 to consolidate all editions, you cannot upgrade the Content Matrix Console(s) from an earlier version.  You can remove the earlier version either before or after installing version 9.4.  

NOTE:  If you have upgraded from version 9.3 or earlier and are using SQL CE (.lst) files but SQL Server Compact is not installed, a pop-up will display the first time you open the Content Matrix Console after the upgrade. You will be given the option of either installing SQL Compact 4.0 or selecting a different Job database.  See Selecting the Database You Want to Connect to.

Additional Documentation

Metalogix Content Matrix documentation ships with the application, but is also available online at

Additional documentation is described below.



Metallogix Content Matrix Evaluation Guide

The Evaluation Guide will guide you through various Metalogix lurgic Content Matrix Console migration actions. This is provided for the purpose of evaluating and reviewing Metalogix  Content Matrix to migrate your content into SharePoint. Prospective clients are encouraged to use this guide for basic testing.

Quick Start Guide for Metalogix Content Matrix Console

The Quick Start Guide provides a quick explanation of how to install the Metalogix Content Matrix Console, and its additional components.

This document helps get you installed and set up under a specific scenario in order to start Evaluation testing.

Metalogix Content Matrix Edition-specific Help

Metalogix Content Matrix Console is comprised of migration “Editions,” and each of these Editions has its own set of “Help” documentation:

This documentation can be found within the client application itself by going to Help in the ribbon menu, and selecting Help Topics (this is the same for all Editions, and provides you with general directions and information on all of the available migrations and actions.

There are also Online versions of the most current Help files on the Quest website at at

Metalogix Content Matrix Release Notes

For every release of Metalogix Content Matrix Console, there is also a set of Release Notes. These notes list all of the new features and fixes that have been included in the release build. This list also includes all of the features and fixes for Metalogix Content Matrix.


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