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Client Profile Updating Utility 5.9 - Administration Guide


This option allows you to perform the direct profile switch without using a cache file. CPUU updates all the profile settings associated with the Exchange server. When updating Microsoft Outlook profiles, the utility looks for correspondence between the source and target recipients.


The changes made by CPUU to the Microsoft Outlook profiles can be rolled back. This mode should be used for advanced troubleshooting in the following situations:

  • If any issues occurred while processing the profiles by CPUU.
  • If a user experiences problems while working with the new Exchange mailbox after the switch. In this case, first switch the mailbox back to the source Exchange server, and then roll back the changes made to its profiles.


All the auxiliary and backup information saved by CPUU during update can be cleaned up. This mode should be selected only after all the profiles have been successfully updated and no rollback is required. The rollback operation will be impossible after CPUU cleans up the backup information.


By default, the utility is installed in the %Program Files%\Quest\Client Profile Updating Utility folder.

The Client Profile Updating Utility Configuration wizard is always installed in the same folder as Client Profile Updating Utility.

It is recommended that all the preparations needed for updating client mailbox profiles be made before the mailboxes are switched to the target Exchange server by the Mail Agent.

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