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Change Auditor 7.2 - User Guide

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Change Auditor Client Overview

Starting the Change Auditor client

To connect to the client, the following conditions must be met:

Select Start | All Programs | Quest | Change Auditor | Change Auditor Client.
Select Connect to use the default connection profile.

Accessing Change Auditor news and updates

The first time you open Change Auditor, you are presented with the Start page. Form here, you can view and access relevant information including news and updates, support and knowledge base content, online documentation (release notes and guide), links to the latest releases, and essential contact links.

If you do not want to see this page, clear the Display this page each time I log in option. The next time you log in to Change Auditor you will be directed automatically to the Overview page. However, we suggest you keep the Start page active as it contains the most up-to-date access to the supporting information you may require.

Managing connection profiles

You can manage Change Auditor in the same forest or in a different forest from a single client allowing you to connect to the coordinator service or the database in many ways.

You can define connection profiles to connect to a coordinator in trusted or untrusted forests, or to connect to the database directly without connecting with the coordinator.

On the Manage Connection Profiles dialog, click Add to open the Connection wizard, which steps you through the process of defining a new profile.
Forest — connect to a coordinator in a trusted forest. Enter the DNS name of the forest.
Global Catalog — connect to a coordinator in an untrusted forest. Enter the name or IP address of the global catalog.
Manual — connect to a coordinator located in a different Active Directory forest than the client.
NOTE: When you select to add or edit a manual connection, you will have the option to Use WCF Certificate Authentication and Disable Certificate Revocation List Check. When specifying the coordinator service properties, these check boxes must reflect the options for which the coordinator is configured. For details see, Certificate authentication for client coordinator communication.
Database Direct — connect directly to the Change Auditor database, without going through the coordinator (use this method to connect to an archived 6.x database). With this option, you are connected as an operator with read-only privileges; therefore, the Administration Tasks tab is not available.
Database Direct - use the Browse button to select the SQL instance and Change Auditor database.
On the Connection Profile Summary page, review the connection profile details, name the profile and click Test to test the new connection profile. Click Finish to save the connection profile and close the Connection wizard.
On the Manage Connection Profile dialog, the new connection profile is added to the list. Click Save to save the new profile and close the Manage Connection Profile dialog.
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