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Change Auditor 7.2 - User Guide

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Add groups to Group Membership Expansion list

By default, the Expand groups that are referenced in existing queries and selected groups option is selected on the Group Membership Expansion pane of the Coordinator Configuration page. With the option selected, you can add groups to the Group Membership Expansion list as described below:

Click Add to display the Select Active Directory Objects dialog.
On the Coordinator Configuration page, click Apply Changes to apply your changes regarding group membership expansion.

Agent Heartbeat Check

The bottom pane on the Coordinator Configuration pane allows you to define how long the coordinator service will wait before an active agent that is not sending updates will be marked as ‘inactive’.

Use the following options to define the Agent heartbeat check settings:

Agent goes offline after being inactive for nn minutes

By default, the coordinator service will mark an agent as ‘inactive’ when it has not received any updates from the agent for 30 minutes.

Use this setting to specify the period of time an agent must be inactive before the coordinator service marks it as ‘inactive’.

Valid range: 5 - 14400

Coordinator should try to restart agent service if an agent goes offline

Select this if you want to have the coordinator service try to restart an agent service before it marks it as inactive.

Disconnect client after 30 minutes of inactivity

Enabling this option makes all client disconnect from the coordinator after 30 minutes of inactivity. If this is not selected, the option to disconnect after 30 minutes of inactivity can be selected by users when they log on to the client.

Scheduled Task Handling

This option allows you to load balance as needed in a a multi-coordinator environment. Specifically, it allows you to specify which coordinators should handle purge, archive, and scheduled reports jobs. This is helpful in situations where some coordinators are busier than others due to closer agent load or they are further removed from the database.

By default, all coordinators are allowed to process scheduled jobs.

Click Select allowed coordinators.


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