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Change Auditor 7.2 - User Guide

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Layout tab

Using the Layout tab, you can define the data (columns) to be retrieved from the database and displayed for the selected search. You can also define the column order, sort criteria and order, groupings and the format to use for displaying the retrieved data. The layout defined on this tab is used for both displaying the search results in the client and for the report layout when reporting is enabled on the Report tab.

The Layout tab contains the following information and controls:

Unselected Columns

Displays the event details that can be retrieved from the database.

Selected Columns

Displays the event details that are being retrieved from the database. It also displays the order in which the columns will be presented, that is, the top entry will be the left-most column in the search results grid/report.

To add and remove columns from this table, use the buttons to the left of the table:

To rearrange or sort the columns for display, use the buttons to the right of the table:

Sort Criteria

Defines the criteria to use to sort the search results, including:

Order By — specifies the columns to use to sort the data. The primary sort criteria is listed first.
Direction — specifies whether to present the data in descending or ascending order
Group By — indicates whether to also use the column to group the data

To rearrange the sort criteria, use the buttons to the right of the table:

Search Results

Specifies the format to use dto display the search results on the Search Results page.

When a grouping is defined, select one of the following options:

To change the direction, ascending or descending, select a column in the Sort Criteria table, click in the Direction cell, and select either ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) from the drop-down menu.
In addition, you can use the Group By column to define groupings. To group the selected search’s results, select the column to use for the grouping, click in the Group By cell and select Yes from the drop-down menu.
When a single level of grouping is defined (only one column contains a Yes in the Group By column of the Sort Criteria table), you can select one of the following options in the Display Results table to define the display format to use for the selected search:
NOTE: You can also use Preview Changes to rerun the query to preview the changes you have made without saving them.

SQL tab

The SQL tab displays the SQL query built to run the selected search. This information is only available after a search has been created.

XML tab

The XML tab displays the XML representation of the search criteria. This same information can be exported by right-clicking a search in the Searches list on the Searches page and selecting Export.


Enable Alert Notifications

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