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Change Auditor 7.1.1 - Quick Start Guide

Step 3: Add user accounts to Change Auditor security groups

During the coordinator installation process, you were presented with the option to add the current user to the ChangeAuditor Administrators security group in the specified Change Auditor installation. If you elected not to add the current user during the installation process or wish to add additional user accounts, please use the following procedure; otherwise skip to Step 4: Start the client.

ChangeAuditor Administrators - <InstallationName> Group - provides access to all aspects of Change Auditor and to roll out Change Auditor agents
ChangeAuditor Operators - <InstallationName> Group - provides access to Change Auditor with the exception of making configuration changes

Step 4: Start the client

After completing the installation (which includes installing a coordinator and at least one client), the next step is to ensure that you can connect to the coordinator.

Select Start | All Programs | Quest | Change Auditor | Change Auditor Client.
Initially, select Connect to use the default connection profile.

Step 5: Deploy agents

Verify that the user account you are using to deploy agents is at least a Domain Admin in every domain that contains servers or workstations where agents will be deployed.
Open the client. If agents have not yet been deployed, select the Deployment tab. Otherwise, use View | Deployment.
From this list, select an entry and use the Credentials | Set tool bar button or right-click command to enter the proper user credentials for installing agents on the selected domain.
On the Domain Credentials dialog, select the domain from the list and click Set. On the Logon Credentials dialog, enter the credentials of a user with administrator rights on the selected domain.
After entering the proper credentials, select the entry back on the Deployment page and select Credentials | Test. If you get a Valid Creds status in the Deployment Result column, you can start deploying agents to that domain.
If you get a Logon Failure status in the Deployment Result column, use the Credentials | Set command to enter the proper credentials for installing agents.
If you select the When option, enter the date and time when you want the deployment task to initiate. Click OK to initiate or schedule the deployment task.
Back on the Deployment page, the Agent Status column displays ‘Pending’ and the When column displays the date and time specified.
NOTE: To cancel a pending deployment task, select the server or workstation and then click Install or Upgrade. On the Install or Upgrade dialog, click Clear Pending.
As agents are successfully connected to the coordinator, the corresponding Deployment Result cell displays ‘Success’, the Agent Status cell displays ‘Active’ and a desktop notification displays in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
NOTE: To deactivate these desktop notifications, select Action | Agent Notifications.

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