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Change Auditor 7.1.1 - Quick Start Guide

What is Change Auditor?

Change Auditor provides complete, real-time change management that drives network availability and productivity with proactive auditing, in-depth forensics, and comprehensive reporting on all key configuration changes in Windows — including® Active Directory, Windows File Servers, and® Exchange.

How does Change Auditor work?

Change Auditor consists of four components:

Agents are deployed to all servers (domain controllers and member servers) tracking configuration changes in real time. When a change is made on a server running an agent, the change information (audit event) is captured, batched and forwarded to a coordinator, which then inserts the event details into the database.

For each configuration change detected, Change Auditor creates an audit event entry in the database with the following information:

The coordinator is responsible for fulfilling client and agent requests and for generating alerts. Multiple coordinators can be installed in a single forest and an agent can be connected to multiple coordinators simultaneously. All connected coordinators can participate in receiving events from the agent, allowing a high volume of events to be distributed for processing.

The client is the user interface that provides immediate access to key configuration change information. From the client you can perform tasks such as:

System requirements

To ensure a successful installation, Quest strongly suggest creating a clean Windows test environment (virtual or physical). If this is not possible, ensure that your test environment is healthy and the following requirements are met.

See the Change Auditor Release Notes for the hardware and software requirements for the Change Auditor components.

Install Change Auditor

The procedures provided in this topic are intended to be used to install Change Auditor in a test lab environment. For more detailed installation instructions, see the Change Auditor Installation Guide.

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