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Change Auditor 7.1.1 - Office 365 and Azure Active Directory User Guide

Edit an Azure Active Directory auditing template

This section describes how to add or remove Azure Active Directory activity to audit.

To select a new agent, you must create a new template or use the Set-CAAzureADTemplate command through PowerShell. (See the Change Auditor PowerShell Command Guide for details.)

Click Auditing button.
Select Azure Active Directory (under Applications).
Select the template and click Edit to open the auditing wizard.

Ensure the following permissions are assigned to the Azure web application:

Microsoft Graph application permissions:

Office 365 Management APIs application Permissions:

Audit Logs audits Azure Active Directory user, group, application, and directory activity. A Change Auditor for Active Directory license is required.
Sign-ins: Audits Azure Active Directory user sign-in and sign-in risk event activity. A Change Auditor for Logon Activity User license is required.
Click Finish to apply the updates.

Disable a template

Disabling a template temporarily stops auditing activities without having to remove the template.

Place your cursor in the Status cell for the auditing template to disable, click the arrow control, and select Disabled.
The entry in the Status column for the template changes to ‘Disabled’.
To re-enable the auditing template, use the Enable option in either the Status cell or right-click menu.

Delete a template

Click Yes to confirm.


Once the required permissions are applied, click Grant admin consent for… and confirm with Yes.
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