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Change Auditor 7.1.1 - Office 365 and Azure Active Directory User Guide

Deployment requirements

To successfully audit and report on events, ensure that your environment meets the minimum system requirements and you have reviewed the deployment information.

System requirements

For information about system requirements, see the Change Auditor Release Notes. For details on installing Change Auditor, see the Change Auditor Installation Guide.

License requirements

Change Auditor stops collecting events if a license expires. After you apply a license, the agent collects available events from the tenant that were missed. The Office 365 and Azure Active Directory events are retained in the tenant for a specific period depending on your subscription type. If this period elapses before a new license is applied, some events are lost.

Exchange Online

Change Auditor for Exchange

SharePoint Online

OneDrive for Business

Change Auditor for SharePoint


Azure Active Directory

Change Auditor for Active Directory

Azure Active Directory sign-ins

Azure Active Directory sign-in risk event

Change Auditor for Logon Activity User

Auditing and agent considerations

When auditing Office 365 and Azure Active Directory, keep the following in mind:

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