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Change Auditor Threat Detection 7.2 - User Guide

Alerts Tab

The Alerts tab displays detailed information about all the SMART Alerts found by the system. The Alert List at the top of the central pane displays the number of alerts for each severity level, corresponding to the Alert Filter settings in the left pane.

Alert severity calculation

The severity of the alert is based on the alert score. To see the alert score, hover over the alert severity icon.

Alerts that do not meet the minimum threshold of 75 are discarded as false positives.

Alert List

The central pane displays the following information for each alert:

Click the arrow by each alert to display the following additional details:

You can export the alert that is currently displayed in the central pane by clicking Export.

Alert Filter

Use the Alert Filter pane to display a subset of alerts. The following is a list of the filter categories and values:

The filters are automatically applied as you make your selections. You can clear all currently set filters by clicking Clear.

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