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Change Auditor Threat Detection 7.2 - User Guide


You can use alert and indicator filters to only show the users and information that is of interest to you. The Filters pane lists pre-defined filters, with the number of users associated with each in parentheses. Clicking any of these displays all the users that fall into that category. The pre-defined filters are:

Click OK.

Risk Navigator

The Risk Navigator is the color bar that is displayed at the top of the pane when the Users tab is open. It provides a severity-based breakdown of the target users.

User severity calculation

The severity of the user’s aggregate risk score is determined based on a dynamic heuristic which varies based on the scores of the users and number of users scored in the environment.

The user severity is displayed by the color of the user risk score. You can filter based on the user severity.









Users Grid

At a glance you can see user details such as their photo, display or logon name, job title, department, and address.

The grid includes the following user data:

Additional grid functions:

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