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Change Auditor for Fluid File System 7.1.1 - User Guide

Make changes and run a report

Select Start | All Programs | Quest | Change Auditor | Change Auditor Client.
Expand the Shared | Built-in | All Events folder in the left-hand pane.
Locate and double-click All FluidFS Events in the right-hand pane.

FluidFS Auditing


You must define a FluidFS Auditing template for each cluster to audit. The FluidFS Auditing page on the Administration Tasks tab displays details about each template created and allows you to add new auditing templates.


FluidFS Auditing page

The FluidFS Auditing page displays when you select FluidFS from the Auditing task list in the navigation pane of the Administration Tasks tab. From this page you can launch the FluidFS Auditing wizard to specify the FluidFS cluster to be audited, the auditing scope, and the agents that are to receive the events. You can also edit existing templates, disable/enable templates, and remove templates that are no longer being used.The FluidSFS Auditing page contains an expandable view of all the templates that have been previously defined. To add a new template to this list, use the Add tool bar button. Once added, the following information is provided for each template:

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