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Change Auditor for Fluid File System 7.1.1 - User Guide

Install the Change Auditor Configuration Service for Dell FluidFS

The Change Auditor Configuration Service for Dell FluidFS must be installed before you can audit FluidFS clusters.

Read the welcome message and click Next to continue or Cancel to exit.
Click Finish to complete the installation and exit the wizard.

Getting Started

Deployment requirements

You can search, report and alert on changes to a specific volume or all volumes on a FluidFS NAS and receive real-time alerts whenever someone tries to access a secure file, folder or volume on a FluidFS cluster.

Before you can begin to capture FluidFS activity events, you must:

Deploy agents to monitor cluster volumes. See the Change Auditor Installation Guide for more information on deploying agents.
Create FluidFS templates. See FluidFS Auditing for details on creating templates.

This section provides a high-level view of the tasks to get you started using Change Auditor for FluidFS.

Verify auditing template is applied

To ensure FluidFS events are being captured, check to see if the Change Auditor agent assigned to the FluidFS auditing template is using the latest agent configuration.

Select Start | All Programs | Quest | Change Auditor | Change Auditor Client.
Open the Administration Tasks tab (View | Administration menu command).
Select Agent in the Configuration task list to open the Agent Configuration page.
Select the Change Auditor agent assigned to the FluidFS Auditing template (Auditing appears in the FluidFS column) and click Refresh Configuration.
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