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Change Auditor for Active Directory 7.3 - User Guide

Change Auditor for Active Directory Overview Custom Active Directory Searches and Reports Custom Active Directory Object Auditing Custom Active Directory Attribute Auditing Member of Group Auditing Active Directory Federation Services Auditing ADAM (AD LDS) Auditing Active Directory Database Auditing Active Roles Integration Quest GPOADmin Integration Active Directory Protection Event Details Pane

Active Directory Federation Services Auditing Wizard

The Active Directory Federation Services Auditing wizard opens when you select Add on the Active Directory Federation Services Auditing auditing page. The following table provides a description of the available fields and controls:
Select Active Directory Federation Services Auditing processes to audit: On the first page of the wizard, enter a name for the template.

Template Name

Enter a descriptive name for the auditing template.


Select the activity to audit. You can choose to audit sign-ins and configuration changes.

ADAM (AD LDS) Auditing


Change Auditor allows you to monitor Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) events. AD LDS provides directory services for directory-enabled applications without a risk compromising your Active Directory database.

NOTE: There are some special installation considerations for auditing ADAM (AD LDS) on workgroup servers. Refer to the Installing Change Auditor to Monitor ADAM (AD LDS) on Workgroup Servers appendix in the Change Auditor Installation Guide for more information.

To audit ADAM (AD LDS), you must first define the ADAM instances, the directory objects or containers, the object classes and optionally the individual attributes through the following pages on the Administration Tasks tab:


ADAM (AD LDS) Auditing page

The ADAM (AD LDS) Auditing page contains a list of ADAM (AD LDS) instances and the associated object classes selected for auditing. This page displays when you select ADAM (AD LDS) from the Auditing task list in the navigation pane of the Administration Tasks tab.

The ADAM (AD LDS) Auditing page contains an expandable view of the ADAM (AD LDS) instances selected for auditing. The view groups the information by agent, which can be expanded to view the object classes and monitored attributes. To add an instance to this list, click Add. Once added, the following information will be displayed:

The page consists of the following information/controls:

In addition to the attribute, the assigned severity is also displayed. To change the severity level assigned to an attribute, place your cursor in the Severity cell and use the drop-down arrow to select the severity you want to assign to the selected attribute.
Select one or more attributes from the Unmonitored Attribute list and click Add to select them for auditing. The selected attributes will be moved to the Monitored Attribute list box.
Select one or more attributes from the Monitored Attribute list and click Remove to remove them from auditing. The selected attribute will then be moved back to the Unmonitored Attribute list box.
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