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Change Auditor for Active Directory 7.3 - User Guide

Change Auditor for Active Directory Overview Custom Active Directory Searches and Reports Custom Active Directory Object Auditing Custom Active Directory Attribute Auditing Member of Group Auditing Active Directory Federation Services Auditing ADAM (AD LDS) Auditing Active Directory Database Auditing Active Roles Integration Quest GPOADmin Integration Active Directory Protection Event Details Pane

Removing deployed Change Auditor for Active Directory/Active Roles integration scripts

You can use the Active Roles console to manually remove previously deployed integration scripts.

Open Configuration | Policies | Administration.
Right-click Change Auditor Integration Policy, select Policy Scope.
Remove Active Directory in the object list.
Delete Change Auditor Integration Policy.
Right-click Change Auditor Integration Deprovision Policy, select Policy Scope.
Remove Active Directory in the object list.
Delete Change Auditor Integration Deprovision Policy.

Active Roles 6.9

Active Roles 7.0

Active Roles 7.1

Navigate to Configuration | Script Modules and delete Quest Change Auditor Integration Script.

Troubleshooting Tips

To diagnose problems with receiving events from Active Roles, check the ‘Active Roles Admin Service’ event log on the Active Roles server.

Some events do not provide the initiator account information. This could be caused by the following:

Quest GPOADmin Integration

GPOADmin uses a proxy account (service account) to connect and change Active Directory objects and group policies. In past releases, Change Auditor for Active Directory only captured the service account name in the event details for changes initiated through GPOADmin. GPOADmin now integrates with Change Auditor for Active Directory and allows the name of the user who initiated the GPOADmin operation and comments to display in the Change Auditor for Active Directory client.

This appendix covers the following topics for GPOADmin integrations:


Refer to the Release Notes for the list of minimum system requirements.

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