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Backup for SharePoint 6.10 - Release Notes

Version 5.0.2678.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Implemented new feature which allows Backup to perform backup and restore operations over SharePoint with a SQL Alias server without having to configure hostnames or DNS records for the SQL Alias server.

LID 17309

Implemented new feature which allows for the automatic restart of Backup’s services in the event that services crash.

LID 18098

Implemented the ability to mount content databases in SQL 2008 or lower versions.

LID 17366

Implemented support for Tivoli 7.x.

LID 15016

Resolved issue where scheduled backups (full or differential) were not being queued when another full or differential backup was already running.

LID 18454

Resolved the issue where a custom Master page selected on the “Master Page Settings” page was not being restored.

LID 18325

Resolved issue where alert notifications for the preparation of mounting databases were registering as Canceled instead of Successful.

LID 17155

Resolved issue where the content from a host-named site collection was not being displayed.

LID 17850, LID 18390

Resolved issue of object reference error displaying when attempting to get the language from the source site collection.

LID 17987

Resolved issue where a canceled operation was not disposing of VSS shadows.

LID 15544

Resolved issue where scheduled differential farm backups were not starting.

LID 17719

Resolved issue related to the inability to restore Out-Of-Place for differential farm backups.

LID 17701

Resolved issue where SharePoint Databases, located inside the folder of a Mounted Volume, were not able to be backed up.

LID 17693

Resolved issue where a backup set, located in a TSM server, could not be deleted the first time.

LID 13747

Resolved issue where mounting content databases through the Full Farm Wizard failed if the full farm backup was backed up in a TSM server.

LID 16891


Version 5.0.2163.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Reworking of the Granular Restore section. For this release we removed the ability to new granular backups, but users can still work with granular backup sets taken on previous versions. Backup now provides the option to Mount or Link Content Databases in order to get SharePoint content to perform a Granular Restore using the Metalogix Framework.

LID 13730

New feature which allows users to Mount Content Databases after completing a Full Farm Backup operation that backed up a Content Database.

LID 14459

Resolved issue related to Full Farm Backup over SharePoint Farms that have their databases over Availability Group (SQL AlwaysOn Feature), so from this release SharePoint Backup supports Full Farm Backups of databases over Availability Groups.

LID 14159
LID 14163

Resolved issue during a Farm Restore of databases over SQL Servers that are registered in Central Administrator with a FQDN name.

LID 14173

Notes and Notices

Upgrade Considerations

The Metalogix Backup for SharePoint Service uses a staging location to backup SharePoint data. During installation, the default location is configured as
which is insufficient for a successful backup operation. You must specify a UNC path for the staging location. For more information see the topic Upgrading Metalogix Backup for SharePoint in the Metalogix Backup for SharePoint User Guide.

System Requirements

Consider the following requirements when you install Metalogix Backup for SharePoint.

·SharePoint Requirements

·Management Console Requirements

·Management Service Requirements

·Backup Service Requirements

·Self-Service Recovery Requirements

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