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Backup for SharePoint 6.10 - Release Notes

Version 5.1.4051.06

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Extended the existing import and mount functionality to include SQL differential and transaction log backups.

LID 24495

Added the option to include or exclude PowerShell commands in Backup for the “View Farm Configuration” functionality.

LID 25759

Updated documentation to new format, including better overview and screenshots.

LID 39435

Added ability to define the staging path for native .BAK mounts.

LID 24471

Resolved issue where the license was required to be manually updated on upgrades.

LID 24660

Resolved issue where scheduled backups were completing with the exception of the Search index on the Primary Backup Service machine.

LID 32610

Resolved issue where the workflow was creating incorrect task types post-restore on SharePoint 2010.

LID 19802

Resolved issue where users were receiving an error message when they were expanding a website that has a managed path.

LID 23889

Resolved issue where users were receiving the following error when backing up SQL Server components: “Unable to retrieve differential base LSN”.

LID 23454

Resolved issue where the granular restore failed for documents located in folders with lists that had versioning enabled.

LID 23082

Resolved issue where Granular restore of sites did not include theme changes for SharePoint 2010.

LID 24492


Version 5.1.3614.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Resolved issue where web parts were not being restored on SP2013 when the primary backup service was not hosting the Central Administration service.

LID 23059

Resolved issue where volume was not being exposed when backing up databases where the mapped drives do not exactly match the drive path where the database files are located.

LID 23285

Resolved issue where mount operation was not being performed when it has a long mount name.

LID 23486


Version 5.0.3530.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Implemented new feature that now allows users to remove content database files available on staging directory after deleting a mounted database.

LID 19811

Resolved issue where differential backups completed with a warning due to certain database components failing to back up.

LID 5335

Resolved issue where the mounted database was not being rendered in the tree for site collections that contained web applications on SharePoint 2013.

LID 19158

Resolved issue where the primary backup service was unable to deliver status information to the management service during farm backup operation.

LID 20824

Resolved issue where the prepare-for-mount operation was being given the incorrect path when SQL server was being defined by FQDN.

LID 20736

Implemented support for the performing of backups when other 3rd party VSS backup providers are installed and running their own backups.

LID 21006


Version 5.0.2822.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Implemented capability to expose the Volume Shadow Copies used for farm backup operation over a path other than the %SystemRoot%\TEMP folder. It is now possible to use the folder path configured in the configuration file of Management Service or to use environment variables. Contact Metalogix Technical Support for further details.

LID 19145

Resolved issue where pages stored at the root directory of a host-named site collection were not being restored.

LID 19296

Resolved issue where Backup was unable to mount data files from a Windows 2008 R2 clustering server.

LID 18503

Resolved issue where the custom Web Part that allows to upload a file was not being restored.

LID 19250

Resolved issue where database backups fail if the databases files are located on non-standard file path definitions.

LID 19160

Resolved issue where items from List Template Gallery were not being restored.

LID 18327

Resolved issue where Master pages from Master Page Gallery and that are used by default were not being restored.

LID 18325

Resolved issue where custom Home Page with custom Web Parts is not restored during granular restore operation.

LID 16153, LID 18157,
LID 18160


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