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Archive Manager 5.9.5 - Installation and Configuration Guide for GroupWise

Deployment considerations for GroupWise System requirements Hardware recommendations Pre-installation preparations Installing and configuring Archive Manager Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager Post-installation tasks Appendix A: Attachment store types Appendix B: Process overview checklist


WWW Page Size: Determines the number of search results displayed on a single page. The default is 20. This setting affects the entire instance and is not customizable per user.
WWW Show Source Properties: Enables or disables the website to show the source properties of a message. The default value is False.
Include Sub Folders By Default: Determines whether to include the sub folders by default when searching messages or attachments. The default value is False.
Allow GW Authentication: Identifies whether the Archive Manager web site supports GroupWise authentication. Default is False. When set to True, an authentication option appears in the Archive Manager login page. User can select default authentication or GroupWise authentication to log into the Archive Manager web site. This configuration is only supported by GroupWise 2014 or later.
WWW Show SendToMe Button Only: If it’s set to True, the toolbar buttons Reply, Reply to All and Forward will be hidden when you view a message on the website. The default value is False.

Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager

Upgrading Archive Manager

When upgrading Archive Manager, please refer to the release notes for information on supported upgrade versions.

Run the Archive Manager Installer: ArchiveManagerInstaller.msi.
TIP: After upgrading to Archive Manager 5.1 or later, any mail items that are not associated with a folder will be placed in an _Orphans mailbox the first time the Retention service runs. If you wish to delete these items, set a Delete policy in the Retention Policies section of the Administration website.

Uninstalling Archive Manager

Click Next.
Click Remove.
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