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Toad for Oracle 17.0 - Installation Guide

Import User Settings

If you are installing a new version of Toad on the same computer where a previous Toad version is installed, Toad automatically imports your settings if the new version is within two releases of the previous version. If your versions are more than two releases apart, you need to install an intermediate version to successfully import the files, and then upgrade to this version.

If your old settings are not located on the same computer as the one where you are installing this version of Toad, use the following procedure to import them.

To import settings from another computer

You need your license key to complete these steps.

  1. On your old computer, open Windows Explorer and locate the Toad settings folder.

    Note: To find the settings folder, select View | Toad Options | General. The folder location is listed in the Application data directory field.

  2. Copy the folder to the new computer, a network it can connect to, or a storage device.
  3. Install and open Toad on the new computer.

  4. Select Utilities | Copy User Settings in the main Toad toolbar.
  5. Click then navigate to the copied folder.

    Note: You can also select Utilities | Copy User Settings, then select Create a clean set of user files from the base installation.

Uninstall Toad for Oracle

Uninstall Toad through Windows

  1. Open the Programs and Features control panel in Windows.
  2. Select the Toad for Oracle entry, then select Uninstall.
  3. Click OK.

Uninstall Toad silently

The following is the basic command to uninstall Toad silently:

msiexec /x "path_to_msi_file\ToadForOracle_version_x86_En.msi" /q

See Command-line options for additional command options.

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