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Toad Data Studio 1.0 - User Guide

Compare Differences in Files

Use the Diff Viewer to compare differences between DDL and other files. The Diff Viewer supports the following file types:

C# (.cs)

Javascript (.js)

Visual Basic (.vb)

Cascading style sheets (.css)

Perl (.pl)

Visual Basic script (.vbs)


PHP (.php)

XML documents (.xml)

DOS batch (.bat)

Python (.py)

XML schema definition (.xsd)

HTML (.htm, .html)

SQL (.sql)


Java (.java)

Text (.txt)



To compare differences

  1. Right-click an object in the Object Explorer and select Send To | Diff Viewer as Script.

  2. Use the Diff Viewer toolbar to view any differences.


    • To switch the contents of the left pane to the right pane, and the contents of the right pane to the left, click .
    • You can also open files to compare by clicking beside the drop-down list at the top of each pane.
    • Toad allows to modify files in the Diff Viewer.



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