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Toad Data Point 5.7 - User Guide

Add Report Bands

A report band determines how and where controls from the Toolbox display in the report. The following report bands are available and can be added or removed from the Explorer tool window. See About Navigating Reports for more information.

Band Description


Adds selected controls to the top margin of the report.


Adds selected controls to the beginning of the report. The title of the report you entered in the Data Report wizard displays in this band.


Adds selected controls at the top of the report, directly below the TopMargin band. The "Report generated by Toad" banner displays in this band. This feature is also useful for repeating table headings across multiple pages.


Adds selected controls to the beginning of a group of records in the Detail band if you are using grouping. If you selected any grouping options in the Group Data window of the Data Report Wizard, this band is automatically added to the report with the grouped fields you selected below the band.


Displays the fields you selected for the report.  


Adds selected controls at the end of a group. This band is not required if you have a GroupHeader band.


Adds selected controls to the bottom of the report, directly above the BottomMargin band. The date the report was generated displays in this band by default.


Adds selected controls to the bottom margin of the report.


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