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Foglight for Hyper-V 7.1.0 - Installation Guide

Setting the Hyper-V, SCVMM, or SOFS Agent Data Collection Scheduler properties

Use the Data Collection Scheduler properties to adjust how frequently the Hyper-V or SCVMM Agent collects data from the monitored server.

Locate the Hyper-V or SCVMM Agent Data Collection Scheduler properties.
Click Collection Config, and from the list that appears, select a collection list.
TIP: If you want to clone a list and associate it with the agent instance whose properties you are editing, select it and click Clone. When prompted, enter a name for the cloned list. For more information on cloning, see the Administration and Configuration Guide.
Essential Collection: Includes the server host OS, memory, and processor metrics, the server property values, the server host metrics for the LanmanServer, LanmanWorkstation, Netlogon, Dnscache, RpcSs, vhdsvc, nvspwmi, vmms and OS services, the VM processor metrics, and the VM host metrics for the Key-Value Pair Exchange, Shutdown, Heartbeat, and Time Synchronization OS services.
Resource Collection: Includes the VM processor, network, and storage metrics.
Inventory Collection: Includes the cluster, server, and VM collections.
Click the Edit button on the right of Collector Config.
Collector Name: Contains the name of the collector: Essential Collection, Resource Collection (Resource, Disk, Network), and Inventory Collection.
Default Collection Interval: Contains the length of the default collection interval.
Time Unit: Contains the time unit for measuring the default collection interval: milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, or days.
Fast-Mode Collection Interval: Contains the length of the collection interval when the agent is running in fast mode.
Fast-Mode Time Unit: Contains the length of the collection interval when the agent is running in fast mode.
Fast-Mode Max Count: Contains the maximum count of entries when the agent is running in fast mode.
Save your changes to the list by clicking Save Changes in the dialog box.

Upgrading Foglight for Hyper-V

The latest version of the Foglight for Hyper-V is 7.1.0.

To upgrade Foglight for Hyper-V, you must first stop Hyper-V agent services, or uninstall any older Hyper-V Agent instances. Do not delete the older version of the .car file. Then, install version 7.1.0 of the cartridge on top of the older version. Refer to Installation and setup for the installation procedure.

For complete information about the upgrade procedure, see the Foglight Upgrade Guide.

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