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KACE Cloud Product Notification

Product Release

LATEST – March 2023

KACE Cloud


We are excited to announce our most recent updates to KACE Cloud.

In our latest release, we are introducing the following features.

  • macOS app patching. Starting in this release, KACE Cloud supports macOS app patching. This feature requires a KACE Cloud Secure license. To obtain a KACE Cloud Secure license, contact KACE Cloud Sales. A free 14-day KACE Cloud Secure trial license is available and can be started directly from KACE Cloud. For more information about KACE Cloud licensing, see About subscriptions and licensing.
  • macOS and iOS Auto-Updates. With KACE Cloud you can now create macOS and iOS Auto-Update Configurations to ensure your managed macOS and iOS devices run the latest OS version. These configurations are covered by your base KACE Cloud license. You can find them in the Security Library. Administrators can use macOS and iOS Auto-Update Configurations to, for example, automatically check, download, and install macOS updates on managed devices.
    NOTE: Ability to manage iOS Rapid Security Response updates is now only possible with iOS Auto-Update Configurations. This was previously included with KACE Cloud Restrictions.
  • macOS and iOS Version Upgrades. This version of KACE Cloud allows administrators to target specific macOS and iOS versions, and to specify the installation preferences. For example, you can control when to install downloaded upgrades or to defer installations. You can also target a specific major or minor version, if needed.
  • Patch reporting. Administrators can now easily generate reports related to patching. For example, you can review a list of the latest critical patches and identify the devices on which they are installed.

For more information, visit the KACE Cloud Help Center, where you can also find the full set of Release Notes, which includes the most recent list of resolved issues.

Be sure to check out the KACE Cloud Product Support Page to find knowledge base articles, notifications, video tutorials, and a product user forum.