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Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition Product Notification

Product Release

We are excited to announce a new release of Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition.

The following new features are only available with a Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition license. To purchase a new license please send an email to, or contact your local sales office

Look what's new 10.2.1:

  • Cloud Storage
    • Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition provides the ability to set up and use dedicated cloud storage locations for backups. Cloud Storage in combination with Tier 1 storage options ensure that your critical backups are always available in case of disaster.
    • By using Cloud Storage you can store your AD and BMR backups in the cloud ensuring that your backups are always accessible and protect your backup files with storage account properties such as immutability policies, and redundancy with different types of replication.
  • Secure Storage Server
    • Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition 10.2.1 has enhanced the Secure Storage server feature.
    • New features available:
    1. New Secondary Storage tab on Computer Collection Properties to configure a Secure Storage server and provide required access credentials to read backups to be copied to secondary storage.
    2. New PowerShell cmdlets Set-RMADStorageServerAllowedVolumes and Get-RMADStorageServerAllowedVolumes available in the Management Shell to configure which volumes are allowed to store backups.
    3. The Secure Storage server properties dialog displays used and free space on each volume on the server including a warning indication when space is low.
    4. New validation performed during the installation of a Secure Storage agent to ensure the Secure Storage server is a standalone server and not domain joined.
  • IMPORTANT      
    • An upgrade to the Secure Storage agent is required for new functionality. Refer to Upgrade and installation instructions below and the User Guide supplied with this release of the product.

See the release notes for details on enhancements, corrections and improvements.

Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition 10.0 & 10.0.1 are in limited support and scheduled to discontinue support on March 17, 2022.

Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition 10.1 is scheduled to go into limited support on April 16, 2022 and discontinue support on April 16, 2023. 

To determine the current support phase of your product, please refer to the Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition life cycle table.

Check out this helpful knowledge article: 

What is new and resolved in Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition 10.2.1

Be sure to check out the Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, tutorials, documentation, notifications, life cycle tables, training, and a product user forum.