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QoreStor Product Notification


Global View Cloud Moving to QorePortal

Dear Valued QoreStor customer,

You may have noticed a message that started being displayed in the product last week:

On 27th of April, Global View Cloud is moving to a new home - All your QoreStor instance will be moved to a new location for you.

We wanted to provide you some additional information relevant to your continued use and experience with the product.

We are consolidating portal view/access for Quest Data Protection products and are moving from Global View Cloud to QorePortal.

Q: What do I have to do with this change?

A: Nothing, for continued use of the product. However, we do recommend that you bookmark the new URL, once you have a look around.

Q: What should I expect with this change?

A: A Brand new User Interface. When you next login to Global View Cloud, you will be automatically redirected to QorePortal, the new home for all your QoreStor instances.  

You will also get a brief tour of the new interface, where you can find your QoreStor instances.  Again it is a good idea to bookmark the new URL.

Q: Will my QoreStor information be moved

A: Yes, we are moving all information about your QoreStor instances as they currently are in the Global View Cloud.  

We strongly encourage you to always update to the latest QoreStor version, if you are not there already.  This will allow you to take advantages of the great features that have been added to the product and receive optimal support.

However, we would like to remind you of the official support policy and lifecycle of the product, as found on the QoreStor life cycle table

We appreciate you being a Quest QoreStor customer.


QoreStor Product Management Team