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GPOADmin Product Notification

Product Release
The GPOADmin 5.15 update contains the below fixes:
  • Unable to synchronize across domains - 237569
  • Synchronization target dialog generates a string error in the event log after a synchronize is performed - 235007
  • Synchronizing results in an error when both the "migrate security table" and "use migration table exclusively" are enabled - 236722
  • Email notifications will only work if the user making an action has notifications set for it - 237093
  • Only administrators are able to link registered GPOs to registered SoMs - 236864
  • Deleting a container using an ADLDS configuration store results in an error - 235175
  • Unable to check in GPOs containing fdeploy.ini - 237578
  • Post create custom workflow actions do not trigger when using an SQL configuration storem - 237581
  • Difference report does not show the differences for wireless policies with the same name correctly - 38355
  • Unregister and Remove History action not available for users with the System Administrator role - 240335