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Migrator for Notes to Exchange Product Notification

Product Release
Resolved Issues: 237299 Resolved an issue in which, when a contact was migrated, a birthday date was not added to the personal calendar (as a reminder). Now birthday information from Contacts is automatically populated to the end user's personal calendar when the contact is migrated from Notes to Exchange Online or to on-premises Exchange. However, MNE does not create link between the contact object and the newly created appointment. If you update the birthday in the migration target, the appointment is not updated automatically by Outlook or OWA. 237315 Resolved an issue in which, when a contact was migrated, an anniversary date was not added to the personal calendar (as a reminder), Now when Personal Address books and Contacts are migrated to Outlook in Exchange Online or in on-premises Exchange, the anniversary date is added to the end user’s personal calendar. However, MNE does not create link between the contact object and the newly created appointment. If you update the anniversary in the migration target, the appointment is not updated automatically by Outlook or OWA. 239265 Resolved an issue in which MNE (Manage Migration Admin Account Pool) failed to add pool accounts when the Azure AD Directory Role name was changed by Microsoft from User Account Administrator to User Administrator. Microsoft recently changed display names for some Admin Roles to align the role names across different Microsoft environments. MNE used the User Account Administrator role in creating pool accounts. 239275 Resolved an issue in which the MNEUnifiedTokenCache.dat file was being used by another process when MNE was performing a migration to Exchange Online. 240521 Resolved an issue in which a MIME-formatted message body would become mojibakes (garbled text) after being migrated. 242907 Resolved an issue in which MNE would crash when exporting RTF to HTML when using the [Exchange] MigrateRtfToHtml=1 parameter. 224010 Resolved an issue in which PDF files that were attached to a Notes message. sent using the Apple Mail client, were incorrectly hidden when migrated to Exchange Online. 223655 Resolved an issue in which MNE could not migrate a contact list that had a size larger than 8000 bytes (8 KB). Now the maximum size of large Notes contact groups to be migrated to Office 365 is increased from 8 KB to 32 KB. 216538 Resolved an issue to allow the remigration of decrypted messages using the RemigrateMode=2 parameter for migration with the Admin console. When an encrypted message was migrated to the target as a placeholder, then the message was decrypted in Notes and another migration was performed, MNE did not remigrate the message. Now MNE supports migrating the decrypted message with the RemigrateMode=2 parameter. Also, MNE supports remigrating an encrypted message with MigrateEncryptedMessage=1 regardless of the RemigrateMode setting. 216725 A new parameter named [Exchange] CheckMigratedItemsOnFolderLevel has been added. The new parameter checks if the Notes items are already migrated to Exchange based on the folder level or mail store level so that you can avoid creating duplicate items in Exchange by using the [Exchange] RemigrateMode parameter. 199467 MNE now supports migrating from Domino server 11 using the Notes client 11. 214970 Resolved an issue in which the Topic field in Notes was incorrectly migrated to the Subject field in Exchange for some special Databases. A new parameter named [Exchange] MigrateTopicAsCategory is added to allow you to correct the issue. By default the parameter is set to 0, meaning that MNE will not change current logic. When you set the parameter to 1, MNE migrates Topic as Category, and will not override Subject with Topic. 203652 Resolved an issue in which the data migration would be interrupted by the following error, 'System.OutOfMemoryException', when the customer was migrating a non-standard MIME message using the MNE MAPI/HTTP library for the migration. 204123 Resolved an issue in which, when a customer was running a migration job, the following error occurred: “The primary key is duplicated to the table T_NMEDataStoreMigrationWorkItemRuns when migration is canceled.” Viewing the log files, it was determined that the migration was canceled and the existing migration results were successfully inserted to the T_NMEDataStoreMigrationWorkItemRuns table, but MNE attempted to store the same results again which caused the error. 205213 Resolved an issue in which a migrated meeting proposal request (such as Propose New Time) did not contain the new Proposal Time and the meeting originator could not respond to the proposal. 206489 Resolved an issue in which the PSRetryWait parameter was not honored by some PowerShell commands which resulted in provisioning errors. Though MNE was configured to perform multiple retry attempts to issue some PowerShell cmdlets and to wait 60 seconds between retries (PSRetryWait=60), the multiple retries were attempted within one minute. 207700 Resolved an issue in which MNE failed to migrate a base64 encoded MIME message that had a specific message body size (e.g. 8212 bytes). 209667 Resolved an issue in which the SSDM (64-bit version) stopped with the error "[4651-33-126- 00000FF6]Unable to migrate recurring appointments/tasks" when scanning recurring appointments. 199188 Resolved an issue in which Export Notes Directory tasks and other scheduled tasks would fail to run when MNE was installed using a non-default folder name. 187023 Resolved an issue to meet the new Microsoft LDAP binding security requirements by changing the default value to 65 (the combination of ADS_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION and ADS_USE_SIGNING) for the [ActiveDirectory] OpenFlags and [ActiveDirectory2] OpenFlags parameters. Microsoft recommends administrators harden the configurations for LDAP channel binding and LDAP signing on Active Directory domain controllers. For more information and a list of valid options, see this Microsoft article. 192538 Resolved an issue in which MNE failed to migrate folder permissions or delegate access for a mail user when the migration used the MNE MAPI/HTTP library. 194350 Resolved an issue in which the customer experienced permission errors during group provisioning to Office 365 while keeping groups in sync with corresponding Notes groups. Now the BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck parameter is added to the PowerShell command when setting group properties. It also reports an error if the PowerShell command fails. 190656 Resolved an issue in which a WMF format image with a transparent background in Domino was extracted and converted to Bitmap format in Exchange by MNE. The conversion had a slight distortion in the image over the transparent background. Also improved the image quality when a GIF format image was extracted and converted to Bitmap format by MNE. 129746 In the NME 4.16.0 RTM release, a new parameter was added but was not mentioned in the 4.16.0 release notes. The new parameter, called [ArchiveData] UseSpecialArchiveFolder was added to allow you, when migrating an archive to the primary mailbox, to migrate the archive directly to the special Archive folder. By default the parameter is set to 1, meaning the wizard will migrate archives to the special Archive folder if the folder exists in the target mailbox (primary or archive depending on migration settings). The parameter works with UsePseudoRoot as well to determine whether special Archive folder is involved with pseudo root folder or not. 186552 Resolved an issue when migrating with the MNE MAPI/HTTP library, migrated contacts were displayed multiple times in the Outlook Address Book search dialog with the same Email Address and Display Name. 185192 Resolved an issue in which, after upgrading MNE from 4.15.x to 4.16.0, a customer attempted to migrate the Notes archive to Exchange Online archive. The archive migration created duplicates in Outlook when the archive migration was repeated. The issue was found for migration to both Exchange Online hybrid and native environments. 176739 Resolved an issue in which, when customer was migrating user data for a user collection in a non- English environment, the Data Migration Wizard continuously displayed the Check for Outlook Folders prompt in the Select Destination Exchange Server page. Even when the customer clicked the Do not prompt me again check box, the prompt was displayed for each user in the collection. The prompt was displayed even if the parameter [General] DeclineFolderCheck=0 was set to disable the folder check. 189513 Resolved an issue in which a WMF format image in Domino was extracted and converted to Bitmap format in Exchange by MNE. The file size increased an excessive amount (1.5M to 60M), which resulted in Outlook being unable to display the image. 187834 Resolved an issue to handle the Microsoft deprecation of Basic Authentication for Exchange Online connections using remote PowerShell (RPS) on October 13, 2020. Modern Authentication is now the default authentication mechanism for Exchange Online remote PowerShell calls by Migrator for Notes to Exchange applications. See the Microsoft announcement at this Microsoft link. 180703 Resolved an issue where the file and the line number was missing from the log entry when the information should be included. For example, the log did not show the file and the line number for a message that was filtered out or skipped in a migration. 178183 Resolved an issue in which a calendar item that was created as an appointment that repeated with single instance was missing the parent document and deemed corrupted by the MNE tool and MNE skipped migrating the calendar item. 116969 (783392) Resolved an issue in which a message is migrated without body due to missing RTF temporary files. Now MNE stops migrating a message if it cannot find the exported RTF files, which allows MNE a chance to remigrate the message. 175402 Resolved an issue where MNE failed to migrate to PST if the Resolve attendees for archive mail option was selected for an Office 365 target. 178492 Resolved an issue in which the control of "Append Domino domain to forwarding address" was not available when you selected Use current Domino internet address option on the Specify Notes to Exchange Mail Forwarding page in the Data Migration Wizard. 156189 Resolved an issue in which, when migrating a large amount of mail, MNE could not correctly display the migration volume (number of emails and size). Now, when the number of migrated emails is very large (one million or more), MNE displays a rounded value such as 1.2M for the migration volume (number of emails) value. You can hover your cursor over the field to see the exact value. 169745 Resolved an issue where an HTML email with an inline image (such as a company logo) was migrated and the Outlook email showed an attachment icon but the email had no actual attached files. 170959 Resolved an issue where the SSDM crashed on exit when run on a workstation that did not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 runtime installed. 168171 Resolved an issue where MNE, during group provisioning, would log an error and exit the provisioning process if there was more than one group with the same display name. In on-premises Exchange and Office 365, it is possible to have duplicate group names. Now MNE uses the group SMTP address which is unique. 168173 Resolved an issue in which, during group migration, MNE could not correctly synchronize membership when MNE encountered Domino group members that had a blank SMTP address. Blank SMTP addresses can occur if Domino groups have members/senders that were added as contacts instead of as mail-enabled user members. Now MNE evaluates the primary SMTP address and only attempts to remove members when the SMTP address is valid. 171711 Resolved an issue in which a data migration task that executed using a template that was configured with the Manage mail routing task set to route new mail to Exchange did not update the forwarding address or retain “Append Domino domain to forwarding address” on the person document in the Notes directory. 162850 Resolved an issue so that the Notes Directory Export is now able to update the primary addresses which had conflicts in a previous Directory Export and for which the conflicts were resolved on the Domino server. 172373 Resolved an issue where, if you migrated a mail message to Exchange from an external sender, the name is displayed as the sender but there is no SMTP address. If you clicked on Reply in Outlook, you could not respond to migrated emails from external senders. This issue did not occur if you replied in OWA. 171586 Resolved an issue so that migrations that use the Mne MapiHttp library will support the migration of Journal Entry messages. 172679 Resolved an issue in which the user status data did not display if the SQL server version was older than SQL Server 2012.