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Binary Tree Power365 Product Notification

Product Release

Please see the Release Notes for details on enhancements, corrections and improvements.


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this deployment.

General enhancements

EnhancementIssue ID
The ability to register devices without performing the matching step has been added.43761
An option to allow the admin to force remove the domain when the initial domain removal step failed has been added.43768
The ability to update the target UPN during domain move has been added.43771

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this deployment.

General resolved issues

Resolved IssueIssue ID
An error reading a device during retrieval of an object that does not exist.43048
The Domain Move move job failed to add as primary when the address exists in the target as secondary.43941
The agent installer allows user to enter an empty passphrase.44748
Active Directory discovery is generating a system runtime error when it encounters OUs with '/' symbol.44930
The organization hard delete does not work when the organization is partially licensed.44966
Directory Sync agent cannot access Keys container if service account is not SYSTEM or a member of Administrators.45044
The User Interface displays the escape character ('\') for any of the special characters.45070
The Next button in the Directory Sync agent installer is enabled without entering registration key when manually upgrading.45098