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Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition Product Notification

Product Release

The latest full build of RMAD DRE10.1 ( includes the following:

Added Support:

  • FEATURE PREVIEW: Support for Broadcom Endpoint Security Recovery Manager for Active Directory supports malware scan for BMR and Active Directory backups using Broadcom Endpoint Security (former name: Symantec Endpoint Protection 15).


  • The computer collection type (System State and Bare Metal) is displayed in the Recovery Manager Console - RMADFE-2133
  • The "PassedWithWarnings" antivirus scan status is shown if your antivirus database is older than the specified time limit. From this version, this limit is set to 3 days by default - RMADFE-3230
  • Hide replication sessions older than X days shown under Replication > History in Recovery Manager Console Introduced a new registry key named "ReplicationSessionLimitDays" that allows you to specify the number of days (Default: 10). The new registry key only limits the replication history shown in the Recovery Manager Console, and it does not work with the relevant PowerShell cmdlets - RMADFE-2910
  • Full replication: A user can view collection properties and global settings in the console that is used as a replication target. All of these settings are read-only, except Logging in global settings - RMADFE-2874
  • Opening large projects in the Forest Recovery Console is speeded up by running the DNS cache update in the background - RMADFE-3107
  • Default states of checkboxes on the General tab now depend on the original DC type "Install the domain controller as a read-only" - This option is selected by default if the original DC was a read-only DC. Applicable methods include Install/Reinstall Active Directory, and Install/Reinstall Active Directory from Media. "Configure the domain controller as a global catalog server" - This option is selected by default if the original DC was a global catalog. Applicable methods include Install/Reinstall Active Directory, Install/Reinstall Active Directory from Media, and Restore Active Directory on Clean OS - RMADFE-2904

Resolved Issues:

  • Cannot replicate a password from the E-mail tab in the Recovery Manager for Active Directory Settings dialog during full replication - RMADFE-2999
  • Recovery Manager Console cannot replicate AD LDS (ADAM) instances from an untrusted domain in a collection - RMADFE-3099
  • Recovery Manager Portal installation using SQL Server authentication fails with an error indicating the specified credentials do not have sufficient privileges on target SQL Server - RMADFE-3064
  • Restore to Clean OS does not restore SYSVOL contents if custom SYSVOL path was specified in the project settings - RMADFE-3231
  • The "Verify selected DCs" operation shows zero progress for all other domain controllers - RMADFE-2649
  • The "Elapsed time" counter in the Forest Recovery Console stops after DC failure even when the verify operation continues - RMADFE-2925
  • When every DC in the domain is marked as "Do not recover" it implies that the domain will be removed during the recovery process. But it is a forest-wide operation and should be prohibited in the "Domain Recovery" mode - RMADFE-2988
  • Forest Recovery Console cannot open a project file saved with UTF-8 BOM - RMADFE-3083
  • Forest Recovery console mistakenly performs user authentication during health check for a read-only domain controller - RMADFE-2015
  • Opening a saved project in Active Directory Virtual Lab fails with the "This implemention is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms" error when FIPS compliance is enabled in the server where Recovery Manager Console is installed - RMADFE-3060
  • DC access credentials cannot be reset if they are specified in the "domain\username" format on the General tab or on the Recovery Mode tab in the Recovery Project Settings dialog - RMADFE-3104
  • If the domain access account is entered in the "domain\username" format on the General tab, this account will not be automatically excluded from the password reset operation when the "Reset password for domain users in privileged groups" option is enabled in the Reset Passwords dialog - RMADFE-3189