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NetVault Product Notification


NetVault v13.0 is using a different license system than the one used for all prior product versions. The new licensing system allows application and administration of licenses from the NetVault Server, removing the need to apply licenses for each NetVault plug-in on remote client systems.

How does this affect me?

The new licensing system requires a change from the old license keys to new license files. The old license keys will no longer be supported after upgrading to NetVault 13.0, therefore you must obtain and apply new license files. 

What will I need to do?

New license files will be available starting with the release of NetVault 13.0.

Prior to upgrading your software:

  • Register your NetVault license number in My Account if you have not done so already prior to version 13.0 availability. If you do not know your licence number, contact Quest Licensing for assistance.
  • Collect and record your Machine IDs. NetVault Machine IDs are required to obtain the new license files. If you are licensed by Capacity, only your NetVault Server Machine ID is required. If you are licensed by Component, you also need the Machine ID of all clients with licensed NetVault Plug-ins. 
  • After the NetVault 13.0 product release, retrieve your NetVault 13.0 license file in My Account

Check out this helpful knowledge article:

Where to find the Machine ID 

NetVault 13.0 is now available for download.