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Foglight Product Notification


Foglight Performance Investigator may stop working after upgrading to Foglight for SQL Server or Oracle cartridge if the DB agent’s Agent Manager and PI repository’s Agent Manager are in different hosts.

How does this affect me?

SQL Performance Investigator stop working after upgrade and datawill not be submitted from the Agent Manager to the PI repository.

Attempts to enable the PI extension will fail with a DLP fileerror.

DLP insertion of file [C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\Dell\Foglight Agent Manager\state\default\agents\fb8be857-fb​cf-4747-973d-295a8570e581\DB_Oracle\5.7.​5.50\infobright\pa_test_dlp_b081b2e1_c5b​b_4456_a21b_2202693bfae3_190318_092640_7​89.binary] failed.

The DLP file error then causes an I/O error. 


An I/O error occurred while sending to thebackend.
Error Code: 0
SQL State: 08006
Connection reset by peer: socket write error


  1. Navigate to the {fglam}\state\default\agents\fb8be857-fbcf-4747-973d-295a8570e581\Infobright\5.0.4-0 folder on the Agent Manager (FglAM) where the database agents are located and on the PI repository server.
  2. If one of the folders are empty, copy the files from one server or folder to the other folder.
  3. Restart the Agent Manager where the files were copied.


We are working on a fix, which will be available on the Support Portal in the next few days. Please review Knowledge Base article 249754 for further details and update on this issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused and we are working quickly correct it.