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LiteSpeed for SQL Server Product Notification

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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.2

Customers may experience slower than normal backups and backup escalations when using Fast Compression.

How does this affect LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.2.0?

Customers may see their backups running slower than previous LiteSpeed for SQL Server versions, depending on the compression level used and whether LiteSpeed is set to automatically calculate the number of backup compression threads. Automatic threading is on by default. Customers may also see Fast Compression backup escalations to full backups after SmartCleanup removes a backup from disk.


Upgrading to 8.2.1 is highly recommended. 

Customers who remain on 8.2.0 can work around the Fast Compression backup performance issue by setting an explicit number of backup compression threads in the Fast Compression job. Refer to the @Threads parameter for xp_slsFastCompression or set the Compression Threads Advanced Option in the Backup Wizard to a value other than “Default”. 

There is no work-around for the backup escalation. See the @FullBackupEscalation parameter for xp_slsFastCompression or set the “Enable backup escalation” option in the Backup Wizard.


LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.2.1 will be available on August 4, 2016. Review the following knowledge article for further details on this issue.

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