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Foglight 5.9.5 - Federation Field Guide

Federation overview

Federation is a Foglight® feature that addresses the needs of customers who monitor large-scale environments that are naturally partitioned into logical units. Each partition is traditionally served by one Foglight Management Server instance and its distributed clients/agents.

This document presents an overview of the federation feature and provides guidelines for configuring Federation Masters and Federated Children.

The intended audience for this document is the Quest SC/PSO (System Consultant/Professional Services Organization) personnel working in the field.

This section describes a number of cases where the Foglight federation feature is used. In addition, a list of federation capabilities, known issues, and requirements are provided.

Use cases

Federation enables the use of one Foglight® Management Server to operate, while using other Management Servers as the data source. As illustrated in the following figure, a Foglight user can visualize the data from one or more stand-alone Management Servers (the Federated Children) from a single, central Management Server (the Federation Master). This allows users to meet both local and central monitoring requirements.

Federation should be used to address the following customer environment issues:


Federation Masters have the following capabilities:

The federation feature allows users to:

Go to the Alarms Viewer and see all current alarms that are reported by any Federated Child.

Known issues

Foglight® 5.9.x has the following known issues with respect to federation:

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