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How can we help?

기술 지원

Get Assistance with product related issues

My Technical Support Requests

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Contact us based on the following departments

기술 지원

  • Request technical assistance
  • Troubleshoot software and SaaS issues
  • Assistance with upgrade issues
  • Log and discuss product enhancements
  • Troubleshoot appliance products
  • Chat with a support engineer

라이센싱 지원가져오기

  • Need a trial key
  • Trial key no longer works
  • Obtain a license for my product
  • Obtain a list of my licenses
  • Change a subscriber for a license
  • Change machine host for a license
  • Help merging licenses
  • Request a license key for a new version or upgrade

Renewals Assistance

  • Obtain support contract renewal quote
  • Question about renewing my support maintenance
  • Check my renewal status
  • Update contact information for my renewal

교육 서비스 지원

컨설팅 서비스 지원

  • Help maximize your investment
  • Accelerate business outcomes
  • Simplify and automate service delivery
  • Increase time to value for your business

Security Vulnerability

  • Report a flaw causing a security vulnerability
  • Report a weakness causing a security vulnerability
  • Report security policy violations

고객 서비스

  • Register for Support
  • Sign in or reset password assistance
  • My License or My Groups assistance
  • My Profile assistance


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