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KACE Systems Deployment Appliance - 교육 서비스

KACE Systems Management Appliances Training
Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances are well known as the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive and affordable alternative to computer management software available today, saving you time and your organization money. Like any technology, expert knowledge and training early-on can help you to take full advantage of its benefits.
  • KACE Academy

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    선행 조건: 과정 선행 조건 보기

    소요 시간: 4 Days

    온라인 구매 $2095 학생당
  • KACE Systems Deployment Appliance Videos - Free

    Free with maintenance. A collection of Systems Deployment Appliance videos including topics such as:Importing a Managed Installation from the KACE SMAWindows Deployments: Setting Computer NamesDeploying the KACE SMA Agent as a Post-installation Task
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    대상: Customer

    선행 조건: 과정 선행 조건 보기

  • KACE-SDA Course: Installation and Initial Configuration-Web-based Training - Free

    This is the first course in a series of implementation courses designed to instruct students on the essentials of deploying, configuring and administrating the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance in their environment.This course will focus on the initial configuration of the KACE SDA server and preparation of necessary items needed for image deployment.After completing the entire series of courses, you will have received detailed instructions on KACE Systems Deployment Appliance implementation and administration skills, as well as some best practices.
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    대상: Customers

    선행 조건: 과정 선행 조건 보기

  • KACE Kontinuing Education

    KACE Kontinuing Education (KKE) is a series of FREE on-going educational sessions. Pre-recorded sessions are released periodically and cover a variety of topics.  Live “Open Forum” sessions are scheduled monthly and allow you to ask questions of KACE knowledge experts.Click on the schedule drop-down below to view  upcoming session topics and registration dates. 
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    선행 조건: 과정 선행 조건 보기

    소요 시간: Up to 1 hr