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KACE Asset Management Appliance Services

  • KACE Knowledge Transfer Services (Per-Hour)

    Remotely-delivered Knowledge Transfer Services are targeted to Customer’s learning goals are available at an hourly rate based, subject to an agenda as mutually agreed upon by Customer and Quest. The number of hours will be determined based on the customer’s learning goals and the number of topics selected.KACE Knowledge Transfer Services (Per-Hour)

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  • KACE Onsite QuickStart

    This consultative service includes implementation and consulting service with respect to establishing of the KACE Asset Management Appliance (AMA) or KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SMA) or KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA).The duration of this configuration service is to be delivered in five (5) consecutive business days during one (1) business week, mutually agreed upon by Quest and the customer. KACE AMA ONSITE QUICKSTART (5 DAYS) SERVICE DESCRIPTIONKACE SDA ONSITE QUICKSTART (5 DAYS) SERVICE DESCRIPTIONKACE SMA ONSITE QUICKSTART (5 DAYS) SERVICE DESCRIPTION 

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  • KACE Remote Expert Assist

    The KACE Remote Expert Assist service helps get your KACE solution up and running quickly and properly to begin provisioning, managing, securing, and servicing your endpoints.Benefits:Ensure your KACE solution is set up quickly and properlyOvercome internal resource constraintsSave valuable time with help from experts to implement your new solutionLearn best practices to ensure you are using the solution to its fullest potentialChoose from any supported features to design a service solution when you need it most.
     Remote Expert Assist for KACE Appliances Service DatasheetRemote Expert Assist for KACE Appliances Service...

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  • KACE Consulting & Solutions Architecture

    KACE Consulting and Solutions Architecture is custom tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.
    These are just a few examples of common engagements that our Consulting and Solutions Architecture teams do. We're happy to talk about these and your other goals to start designing solutions that fit your needs. 

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  • KACE Health Check

    The KACE Health Check will help you identify potential issues with your KACE deployment and find ways to remediate them quickly for ongoing top performance of your solution. During the health check, our support engineers provide a technical assessment of your KACE deployment to identify and prioritize system improvements. We will share expert knowledge with your IT staff members to make sure everyone is aware of the full potential of your solution and, ultimately, to ensure that your deployment is working as efficiently as possible. Benefits: Gain a complete picture of your KACE environment by reviewing support case history Uncover current...

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  • KACE Asset Management Appliance - Remote QuickStart Essentials Service

    The KACE Asset Management Appliance (AMA) Remote QuickStart Essentials service provides remote assistance to help get your solution up and running quickly to begin provisioning, inventorying, and reporting on your network-connected devices. Whether your team lacks the technical expertise or may not have time to deploy and configure your solution, our KACE subject matter experts guide you through the implementation process using our time-tested implementation methodology. With a KACE solution quickly and efficiently implemented into production, your IT teams are ready to utilize all the Asset Management Appliance features like inventorying...

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