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Stat 6.3 - User Guide

Introduction to Stat Connecting to Stat Change/Service Requests Stat Consoles Tasks and Time Entries Stat Projects Search Engines Reports and Graphs Personal Rules Object Tools and Wizards Change Management for PeopleSoft
Object Management (PeopleSoft) Object Archives (PeopleSoft) Object Migrations (PeopleSoft)
Change Management for Oracle Applications
Object Management (Oracle Applications) Patch Management Object Archives (Oracle Applications) Object Migrations (Oracle Applications)
Change Management for Generic Applications
Object Management (Generic Applications) Object Archives (Generic Applications) Object Migrations (Generic Applications)
Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: Migration Options Appendix: User-Specific Parameters Appendix: Supported PeopleSoft Proprietary Objects Appendix: Stat Reports

Setup Objects

Quest® Stat® allows you to archive and migrate configuration data contained in your Oracle® Apps environments by providing change management support for a number of predefined setup object types. Stat supports the foundation setup (AOL) object types.

You archive and migrate setup objects the same way you do file objects. However, because setup objects contain configuration data, they cannot be migrated into users’ working directories. Stat transparently integrates with FNDLOAD, AKLOAD, WFLOAD, XML Importer, XML Exporter,,, XDoLoader, and XLIFFLoader to process archive and migration requests.

Data Objects

Data objects are user-defined or third party data sets residing in your Oracle® Applications environments that your system administrator has configured Quest® Stat® to support. You can lock, archive, and migrate data objects the same way you do file objects.

Schema Objects

Quest® Stat® supports certain schema object definitions for Oracle® Applications environments. In the Oracle Applications change management module, schema objects are migrated by the Stat Oracle Agent. This allow Stat to enforce the migration order specified in the archive set.

Stat currently supports the following schema object types:

Patch Objects

Quest® Stat® provides comprehensive patch support for Oracle® Applications. You can associate with a CSR any patch that has been downloaded from Metalink, Oracle’s web support service, and uploaded to the Stat Repository.

Like schema objects, you can lock patch objects on a CSR but you cannot archive or migrate them. Instead, you use the Stat Oracle Application Management Console to apply the patch you want to a specified target environment.

To associate Oracle patches to a CSR, the Patches tab must be enabled. The enabling of the Patches tab is determined by CSR type. For more information, see The Oracle Apps Management Console .

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