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KACE Cloud Current - Release Notes

Release Notes

KACE® Cloud

Release Notes

April 2024

These release notes provide information about the latest KACE Cloud release.


About this release

KACE Cloud allows you to quickly enroll mobile devices, manage their inventory, and to apply required configurations and policies. You can interact with managed devices using a standard set of commands, such as resetting a password or locking a device, as needed. This cloud-based product helps you implement your entire device management solution quickly, and ensuring that managed devices follow your organization guidelines and standards, while protecting your data integrity.

This release contains one new feature and a number of resolved issues. See New features.

Supported platforms

MDM managed devices:

The following operating systems are supported for MDM managed devices:


  • Android 11.0+


  • iOS, iPadOS, tvOS15+
  • macOS 12.7+


  • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, Education, 1709
  • Windows 11
Registered Devices:

KACE Cloud uses an agent to deliver some management functionality to Windows and macOS devices. Windows and macOS devices can be partially managed without an MDM connection through device registration. The following operating systems are supported:


  • Windows Server 2016 (Standard and Datacenter Editions with .NET Framework 4.7 or later)
  • Windows Server 2019, 2022 (Standard and Datacenter Editions)
  • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, Education, 1709 or later
  • Windows 11


  • macOS 12+

The following browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome 109+
  • Microsoft Edge 118+ (Not supported on mobile devices.)
  • Mozilla Firefox 119+
  • Apple Safari 12+ (Mac only)
  • Opera 15.6+

System-provided mobile administrative applications are not currently available.

New Features

New features in KACE Cloud:

  • Device Registration
    KACE is pleased to announce the General Availability of our new Device Registration functionality. KACE Cloud now supports registering devices through the direct installation of the KACE Cloud agent on a device enabling agent-based management of those devices, including devices that do not support an MDM protocol, such as those running Microsoft Windows Server, or devices that are already managed through another MDM product.

    Once registered, customers can perform any of the agent-based management capabilities, such as Patching, Software Distribution, and Inventory.

    Any supported Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016-2022, and macOS 12 or later device can be registered with KACE Cloud.

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Servers
    Device Registration includes the ability to manage Microsoft Windows Servers 2016 or later (see Supported Platforms). You can now install software, retrieve device inventory, and patch Windows Server devices. However, you cannot perform any MDM-based management functionality, as Windows Server does not support the MDM protocol.
  • Support for co-managing devices with other MDM solutions
    Customers who have already invested in other MDM solutions, such as Microsoft Intune or VMware Workspace One, can now register devices with KACE Cloud to utilize our patching, software distribution and inventory capabilities. Take advantage of our extensive third-party app catalog and granular, policy-based patching solution to ensure your devices are secure without relying on Microsoft’s automatic update system.
  • Agent-based management functionality
    KACE Cloud now supports three primary capabilities that are available to registered devices: agent-based hardware and software inventory, distribution of software uploaded packages, and patching for Windows OS and third-party apps for both macOS and Windows platforms.
  • KACE Cloud Companion Edition
    KACE Cloud now offers a Companion Edition subscription specifically for registered devices. This supports customers who wish to use KACE Cloud alongside the existing device management products, such as Microsoft Intune or VMware Workspace One.
    This special subscription is competitively priced. It enables you to manage the registered devices with other products side-by-side and also provides Patching, Software Distribution and detailed Inventory for those devices.

    Further, the KACE Cloud Companion Edition subscription can be purchased alongside existing KACE Cloud subscriptions that provide modern device management. Thus, enabling lower-priced subscriptions for devices, such as those running Microsoft Windows Server, which do not need full MDM management capabilities.

    The minimum purchase requirement is 100 device licenses. KACE Cloud will always allocate the least-cost available license to a device and automatically reallocate as new licenses are purchased.

For complete information about these feature, visit the KACE Cloud Mobile Device ManagerHelp Center.

See Also

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues

The following issues are addressed in this release.

Table 1: General known issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Agent Inventory feature flag prevents reporting of full iOS Inventory. 9760
Admin Portal licensing page does not recognize NFR subscription type. 9833
Device filter name "Last Check-in" needs clarification. 9756
Android 14 Work Profile enrollments do not complete successfully on some devices. 9742
Unenroll command does not delete work profile on Android 14 devices. 9759
After enrolling in the Work profile on Android 14, the Android Agent remains visible on the personal profile. 9842
Multiple SIM iPhone stores invalid IMEI value during Inventory. 9741
Large icons for uploaded apps slows down the rendering pf the app list. 9774
Custom SSL VPN configuration fail to apply to Apple devices. 9880
Unable to delete inactivFe Policy due to linked Patch Policy. 9871
Removed unnecessary API call from EMM Android Agent Inventory. 9895
Improve Android EMM App compatibility Troubleshooting. 9713
MacOS Agent App Inventory is unable to match up VPP iOS apps installed on compatible Apple Silicon macOS devices. 9707
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