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Foglight for VMware 7.1.0 - User Guide

Using Foglight for VMware
Introducing the virtual infrastructure Navigation basics Interacting with Foglight for VMware VMware Performance Agent configuration
VMware Alarms views VMware Explorer views VMware Modeler views VMware VirtualCenter views VMware Environment views Other views
Agent Rules Cluster Rules Datacenter Rules Datastore Rules Resource Pool Rules ESX Server Rules VirtualCenter Rules Virtual Machine Rules VMW Stale Data Management Rule Virtual Switch Rules
Appendix: Alarm Messages Appendix: Metrics

About VMware roles

The Management Server relies on roles to control user access. Each user can have one or more roles. The roles granted to a user determine the set of actions that the user can perform. The Management Server includes a set of built-in roles that control access to dashboards and reports included with the Management Server. The following roles are included with Foglight® for VMware to control access to the dashboards and reports:

VMware Administrator: This role provides full access to all product components, views and reports.
VMware Automation User: Users with this role can access the VMware Explorer Administration tab. This tab provides quick access to common administrative tasks that include server shutdown, virtual machine creation, resource allocation, and others.
IMPORTANT: Executing VMware administration tasks, such as rebooting an ESX® host or a VM, require specific VMware® permissions.
VMware Operator User: This role restricts the user to the VMware Environment and VMware Explorer dashboards only, except the Administration tab, and NetFlow Setting and Cisco Setting dialog boxes. Attempts to navigate to these elements result in the following message: Sorry. The view is not authorized.
VMware QuickView User: This role restricts the user to the VMware Environment dashboard only. Attempts to navigate to the VMware Explorer result in the following message: You are not authorized to access view “VMware Explorer”.
VMware Report User: This role grants access to the Foglight for VMware reports only. None of the VMware views are accessible if this is the user’s only role. To work with reports, the user additionally requires the Reports Manager role.

For more information about roles, users, and security, see the Administration and Configuration Help.

Exploring administrative tasks

Exploring administrative tasks

The Administration tab of the VMware Environment dashboard allows you to deploy remote agents, configure rules, and set advanced platform options.

This tab consists of the Rule Configuration tab, Advanced Options tab, User Level Access tab, Black List tab, License Control tab, and the Agents view.

Rule Configuration tab

The Rule Configuration tab contains links to administrative tasks that you can initiate from this tab:

Set Alarm Sensitivity Level: Sets the level of alarms that the system generates, stores, and displays. For more information, see Setting the alarm sensitivity level.

Advanced Options tab

The Advanced Options tab contains links to administrative tasks that you can initiate from this tab:

Configure OS Mapping: Associates different versions of an operating system with a common OS name. For more information, see Creating OS mapping rules.
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