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Foglight for VMware 7.1.0 - User Guide

Using Foglight for VMware
Introducing the virtual infrastructure Navigation basics Interacting with Foglight for VMware VMware Performance Agent configuration
VMware Alarms views VMware Explorer views VMware Modeler views VMware VirtualCenter views VMware Environment views Other views
Agent Rules Cluster Rules Datacenter Rules Datastore Rules Resource Pool Rules ESX Server Rules VirtualCenter Rules Virtual Machine Rules VMW Stale Data Management Rule Virtual Switch Rules
Appendix: Alarm Messages Appendix: Metrics

Configure Metrics Collection

VMware agent has collect total 99 metrics from vCenter, but some metrics are not used to VMware dashboard and relate products (Capacity Director, Optimizer and so on), so the user can disable the collection of these metrics at this view.

For reference information about this view, see Metrics Collection Management View .

To configure the metrics collection:

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, choose VMware > VMware Environment.
On the VMware Environment dashboard that appears in the display area, choose Administration > Advanced Options, click Metrics Collection Management.
Select the agent, click the button Collect Metrics For Dashboard Only or Restore The Default Setting, and then click the button Save Edited Configuration. The default setting is collect all metrics.
NOTE: User can also select/deselect the Collecting checkbox, but we wouldn’t recommend it because some metrics have been used for conversion of other metrics.

Managing chargeback

In an IT environment with a high number of physical and virtual machines, it is often important to determine the true cost of virtual machines in order to adequately plan resources for system utilization. The Chargeback tab available on the VMware Environment dashboard provides standard models, allowing you to get insight into host machine usage within a data center.

Figure 55. Chargeback tab

For complete information about this tab, see the Managing Chargeback User Guide.

Managing capacity

Larger distributed environments often require tools for accurately predicting resource consumption in order to plan for continuous expansion of virtual and physical machines and prevent bottlenecks in your production environment. The Capacity Management tab available on the VMware Environment dashboard allows you to get insight into capacity bottlenecks and management.

For complete information about this tab, see the Managing Capacity in Virtual Environments User Guide.

Optimizing resources

With virtual machines quickly becoming the industry standard in an IT infrastructures, making it necessary to plan for the addition of virtual machines to the physical hosts. This is often a challenge for administrators. Foglight™ Resource Optimizer simplifies the optimization process, providing waste-finding and right-sizing functionality for virtualized environments. The Optimizer tab appearing on the VMware Environment dashboard allows you to get insight into capacity bottlenecks and management. Use this tab when you want to optimize the CPU, memory, network, and storage consumption, and to project and plan for additional requirements in your environment.

Figure 57. Optimizer tab

For complete information about this tab, see the Foglight™ Resource Optimizer for VMware Environments User Guide.

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