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Foglight for Oracle (Cartridge) 7.2.0 - User Guide

Installing and Configuring Agents Using Foglight for Oracle
Viewing the Databases Dashboard Assigning Instances to Users Selecting an Instance to Monitor Foglight for Oracle Overview Dashboard Overview view Advisories view SQL Performance Investigator (SQL PI) Oracle Activity Drilldown Pluggable Databases Drilldown Storage Drilldown Reviewing Configuration Settings Reviewing the Alert Log Reviewing Monitored Data Guard Environments Reviewing ASM Instances Reviewing Exadata-related Information
Administering Foglight for Oracle Reporting Reference Glossary


A group of one or more database modification statements that are combined into a logical unit of work that is either wholly committed or rolled back.

Unused Space

Disk space within a Database or File Group that is allocated to a table or index, but currently does not have any information stored in it. It is free space that can only be used by the table or index to which it is allocated.

User Mode

A processor mode that is primarily used for executing application code. Unlike the Privileged (Kernel) Mode, processes running in the user mode do not interact directly with the operating system’s kernel, memory, or hardware directly. As a result, whereas a crash of a kernel mode process in most cases leads to the entire system’s crash, a crash of a user mode process usually only terminates the application that was run using this mode. See Privileged Mode .


Technical support resources

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The Support Portal provides self-help tools you can use to solve problems quickly and independently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Support Portal enables you to:

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