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Foglight for Oracle (Cartridge) 7.2.0 - User Guide

Installing and Configuring Agents Using Foglight for Oracle
Viewing the Databases Dashboard Assigning Instances to Users Selecting an Instance to Monitor Foglight for Oracle Overview Dashboard Overview view Advisories view SQL Performance Investigator (SQL PI) Oracle Activity Drilldown Pluggable Databases Drilldown Storage Drilldown Reviewing Configuration Settings Reviewing the Alert Log Reviewing Monitored Data Guard Environments Reviewing ASM Instances Reviewing Exadata-related Information
Administering Foglight for Oracle Reporting Reference Glossary

Defining Connection Details

Use the Connection Details category to define global connection settings, which apply to all instances and hosts selected in the view. You can enable user-defined collections and set VMware connection details.

Defining the Connection Settings for the Monitored Oracle Instances

The Connection Details view contains a table that displays all the agents that were selected before entering the Databases Administration dashboard.

Click Set Credentials.
Click Validate to proceed to the next stage of validating the instance’s connectivity.

Validating Connectivity and Starting to Monitor the Instances

After setting the default credentials for the host, these newly created credentials can now be used by the wizard to attempt to log in to the instances.

Click Test connection.
At the end of this process, any connectivity issues are listed in the Status column of the instance table. When the connection is successful, the Status column displays the status message Validated, which indicates that the instance connected successfully and the specified Oracle user has the required permissions.
Click Validate connectivity on the status bar.
Click Save Changes.
If any option other than Agent Manager local user is selected, enter the required credentials.

Use the user-defined collections feature to add customized collections to all of the currently selected agents, thereby providing for queries not included in Foglight for Oracle.

Use the Connection Details view to enable and configure the creation of user-defined collections.

Click Set UDC credential.
Click Edit Credentials for User-defined Collections.
Click Set.

To add user-defined collections, go to the User-defined Collections view in the Databases Administration dashboard. For details, see Configuring User-defined Collections .

If you have Oracle instances that run on virtual hosts, monitoring such instances requires setting a dedicated connection profile, in order to connect to the requested VMware server.

Establishing such a connection is necessary in order to retrieve the Virtualization overhead data, that is, the percentage of CPU that is unavailable to this virtual machine because it is being utilized either by other virtual machines or by VMware itself. The Virtualization Overhead indicator is displayed in both the real-time and history summary pages.

Click Set credentials.
In the Edit Credentials dialog box, click Edit VMWare connection details.

Defining the Connection Settings for the Monitored ASM Instances

The Connection Details view contains a table, which displays all of the agents that were selected before entering the Databases Administration dashboard.

Click Settings.
Click Administration.
Click Set Credentials.
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