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Stat 6.2 - System Administration Guide

Overview of Stat Administration Administrative Utilities Stat Security General Maintenance Tables
System Maintenance Service Domain Maintenance Department Maintenance Issue Tracking Maintenance Country Maintenance Customer Maintenance Object Type Maintenance PeopleSoft Environment Connection Maintenance Pre/Post Migration Steps Parameters Oracle Applications Configuration Oracle Applications Connection Maintenance Generic Application Connection Maintenance Schema Object Parameters Maintenance Data Object Maintenance PeopleSoft Search Configurations Stat Report Definition Maintenance Version Control Management Connection Maintenance
Service Domain-Specific Maintenance Configuring the Stat Central Agent Email Configuration Object Security Appendix: Sample Service Domain Configuration Appendix: User Class Rights Appendix: Creating a Staging Database Appendix: Database Tuning Appendix: Oracle Applications File Type Directory Appendix: Ports and Firewalls Appendix: REST Web Services API Appendix: SOAP-Based Web Services API Appendix: Troubleshooting Chart Appendix: stat.conf Configuration Appendix: Custom Report Files

Overview of Stat Administration

Overview of Stat Administration

Stat Architecture and Components

Stat is based on a four-tier architectural model consisting of a client tier, a web tier, a business logic tier, and a database tier. The components within each tier work together to provide a complete change management solution for PeopleSoft and Oracle Applications, as well as other application environments.

Windows Client / Web Browser

Users interact directly with Stat through the client application installed on their Windows-based workstation. They interact with Stat Web through a browser window.

You can install the Stat Windows Client either locally or on a network. It connects with the Stat Database through various native environment interfaces. You may also install Stat Windows Client on a single network drive accessible by all Stat users.

Stat Central Agent / App Web Server

The Stat Central Agent is a Java-based application that contains the business logic for Stat and the UI for the Stat Web Client.

The Stat Central Agent interacts directly with the Stat Database and the application environments to automate such tasks as generating and printing reports, sending email messages, archiving objects, and maintaining database parameters.

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