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NetVault SmartDisk 11.4.5 - Installation Guide

Introducing NetVault SmartDisk Understanding NetVault SmartDisk architecture Planning your NetVault SmartDisk deployment Installing NetVault SmartDisk Licensing NetVault SmartDisk Completing the installation process Uninstalling NetVault SmartDisk Reinstalling NetVault SmartDisk Upgrading NetVault SmartDisk Troubleshooting

Checking the status and taking the device offline

Quest recommends that you upgrade NetVault SmartDisk when the NetVault SmartDisk Instance is not currently in use, that is, when it is not involved in a backup or restore operation, when data is not being deduplicated, and when Garbage Collection is not running. Quest also recommends that you take the corresponding backup device offline before performing the upgrade. If a job starts while the NetVault SmartDisk Device is offline and the NetVault SmartDisk Device is the only target for the job, the job fails until the device is back online.

To check the status and take the device offline in NetVault Backup, perform the following steps. For other backup products, see the documentation that came with the product

Verify that Jobs from this Server Using Device and Items Deduplicating are both 0, and that Garbage Collection State is Not in GC.

Upgrading the software


Corrupted or missing installfiles subdirectory impedes removal or upgrade on Windows

The directory in which NetVault SmartDisk is installed on Windows — for example, C:\Program Files\Quest\NetVault SmartDisk — should contain an installfiles subdirectory. If this subdirectory, or any of its contents, is deleted or moved, any attempt to uninstall or upgrade NetVault SmartDisk fails. This subdirectory contains components that are critical to the removal and upgrade processes.

If this subdirectory was modified, deleted, or moved, you can obtain it from the original installation package or from the most recent upgrade package. Copy the subdirectory and its contents to the location in which NetVault SmartDisk is installed, for example, C:\Program Files\Quest\NetVault SmartDisk.

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